5 Genius Tricks to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

. 2 min read

While hot dogs are a summer staple, dogs that are too hot are a summer bummer and potentially dangerous. Pups are prone to overheating and dehydration during the warm months, so make sure yours have enough water and try to keep them in the shade when you're outside. With a few simple tricks like these, you can keep your pup chill all summer long and solidify your place as the coolest pet parent on the block.

Pool your resources. Pick up a cheap, shallow kiddie pool (if you don't already own one for your real kids). Your dog can splash, play and even lap up the fresh water from the hose on a hot summer day. Just remember to refill it every time your dog goes for a dip so he doesn't ingest any bacteria or floating mosquitos.

Toy around with ice. Toss a few of your dog's water-safe toys into a large bowl and fill it with water. Stick it in the freezer and create a giant toy-filled ice cube, aka the best summer toy ever. Not only will he keep cool, he'll also get some hydration and mental stimulation.

Make some pup-sicles. Remember the thrill of chasing the ice cream truck and being rewarded with a refreshing popsicle? Recreate this dream for your dog by freezing diced apples in low-sodium chicken broth in ice cube trays and using them as treats. No truck-chasing required.

Create a wearable cooler. Rinse a bandana in water, squeeze out most of it, then freeze it folded into a large, flat triangle. Tie it around your dog's neck for badass look that will also keep him cool during a warm summer walk or hike.

Keep a water bowl in your pocket. A clean poop bag can become an impromptu water bowl anytime, anywhere. Simply open it up, pour water inside, and roll the top down to give it a little structure. Andddddd you're a genius.

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