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9 Things Only Boston Terrier Parents Understand

9 Things Only Boston Terrier Parents Understand

. 2 min read

Known as the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier is a unique breed known for its intelligence, affection, and 'USA! USA!' kind of attitude. Those from the actual city might call them “wicked awesome,” which is technically accurate, but those who know them best would describe them more like this:

1. They are lovers, not fighters

Originally bred to be a fighting dog, the happy-go-lucky nature of the Boston Terrier runs deep. They’d much rather solve problems by hugging it out.

2. They are (dog) people people

Boston Terriers take their role as family members seriously. Their attentive nature causes them to be involved in all household decisions, especially 'Whose turn is it to have the dog sleep in their bed?'

3. They enjoy the company of older women

And men. Boston Terriers are especially compatible with the elderly. Their small size, big smarts and impressive agility make them easy, independent companions who can also perform small tasks like fetching a blanket or looking the other way when you cheat on a crossword puzzle.

4. They like the great indoors

Because of their short noses, Boston Terriers are unable to cool or heat air as they breathe it in to regulate their temperature, which makes it hard for them to endure outdoor temps at either extreme. So they’ll skip that outdoor festival and keep the air conditioner company.

5. They don’t have the gift of gab

This non-yappy breed does not feel the need to announce every passerby outside the window, which is why the only people who love Boston Terriers more than their families are the neighbors of Boston Terriers.

6. They need Breathe Right strips

That adorably flat snout makes for some loud breathing and even louder snoring. The upside is that Boston Terrier parents can always blame their own snoring on the dog.

7. They dealt what you smelled

While all animals experience (ahem) flatulence, the Boston Terrier seems to have inherited a double propensity for it. The good news is, a healthy, clean diet can help take the “wind” out of that particular sail.

8. They want to do whatever you want to do

Well, unless, they want to do something else. Almost always affable and easy going, the Boston Terrier does have an occasional stubborn streak, which can be tempered with early training as well as acquiescing that sunny spot on the end of the couch.

9. Their look is “black tie casual”

Some dogs have all the luck. Boston Terriers' short, sleek coat and black and white markings give the them a tuxedo look that’s easier to care for than an old pair of sweatpants.

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