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Dog Diarrhea: How to Prevent and Cure a Case of the Runs

Dog Diarrhea: How to Prevent and Cure a Case of the Runs

. 4 min read

It’s a messy issue, but dog diarrhea is just a slightly unpleasant part of being a dog owner. While nearly all dogs will have a case of the runs from time to time, there are a few easy ways to prevent loose stool in your dog. If your pup is already dealing with a case of the runs, there are also ways to cure (or at least temporarily stop) dog diarrhea fast.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea?

The number one reason dogs experience diarrhea is a change in food. Gary Weitzman, DVM, President of the San Diego Humane Society and author of the book The Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness, says: “We all know not to change a dog’s food abruptly, but this can happen from a new treat.” Even small amounts of unusual food, like a bite of pepperoni, can cause issues for dogs who have particularly testy digestive tracts. Be wary of any dietary changes for your dog and take caution when introducing a new food.

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Other reasons that your dog might have diarrhea include: