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8 Bandanas That Show Off Your Pup's Personality

Does your dog have health issues? What they eat matters! Our options can help.
. 2 min read

We're all about embracing your pup's 'natural coat' but we also love us some bandanas (and like to get creative with how to tie them too.) There's one for every pup in the pack:

For the pup who would drink cold brews if he could

DOG & CO. Billy Wolf Bandana,
photo courtesy of @dogmug

For the pup who likes to embrace her feminine side

LUCY & CO. The Hunley Bandana

For the pup who flirts it up at the dog park

CLIVE & BACON Bitches Love Me Bandana, photo courtesy of @mr.cruisergdoodle

For the pup who is ready to set off on a fishing expedition

Petswag Wildebeest XX Bandana

For the pup who wishes she lived in Palm Beach

PABLO & CO. Pinacolada Pineapple Tropical Bandana

For the pup who is bad to the bone

Koabear Bandanas Bad Boy Collection

For the pup who dreams of playing polo with the Royal Family

Bark Shop Gramercy Park Bandana

For the pup who has a discerning palate


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