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Top 10 Things We Learned About Pet Parenting in 2017

Top 10 Things We Learned About Pet Parenting in 2017

. 1 min read

Forget all the bad news (and the fake news!) We figured out some pretty important things about pups this year—like how to finally get them to stop jumping on you and what they really like to watch on TV. Check it out:

  1. Following you into the bathroom is just one of the ways you know your pup loves you.

  2. Harnesses don't have to purely functional (they can also have donuts on them.)

  3. There's an airline that has "Cuddle Class" for pups and you should book a trip on it immediately.

  4. DIY sweet potato treats are some of the healthiest—and easiest—to make for your pup.

  5. Incorporating these ingredients into your pup's diet can actually help stop the non-stop shedding.

  6. We found the perfect tags, based on your pup's personality.

  7. Pups are pretty narcissistic when it comes to what they like to watch on TV!

  8. The one thing you definitely should NOT do if your pup runs away (and how to stop them.)

  9. "It hurts" and other common microchipping myths you need to know to keep your pup safe.

  10. Got a pup who pounces? We've got a three-stop process to get them to stop jumping.

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