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9 Ways You Can Tell Your Pup Totally Loves You Too

9 Ways You Can Tell Your Pup Totally Loves You Too

. 2 min read

You update your dog’s Instagram more than your own, you feed her higher quality food than you eat yourself, and you’ve spent more on accessories than you would ever splurge for yourself. Yep, you are completely, unabashedly obsessed with your dog. But don’t worry: the love fest goes both ways. Here's how you can tell your dog is head-over-heels in love with you, too.

You overhear her scramble out of her nap the moment she hears your keys jingling in the door (because she needs to be primed to jump on you as soon as you enter your house!)

He brings you over his alligator toy. No, not to play fetch; it’s an offering in hopes to convince you to never leave the house again.

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He’s got a “no-closed-door” policy. Even when you’re kinda busy in the bathroom, he’s magically able to nudge open the door just to peek in his little head and remind you he’s alive.

And if you dare to watch TV without socks on, be prepared for him to go to town licking your toes. Let’s face it: he just can’t get enough of your scent.

Which is why she curls up in your laundry—even your dirty laundry. Yep, you turned around for one second to get the shower going and she’s cozied up in your just-worn gym clothes.

And she holes up in your suitcase as you’re trying pack—hey, if it delays you leaving for the airport a little later, it’s worth the effort.

He gives puppy eyes an entirely new meaning, especially when you’re about to leave the house...and then continues as you close the door...and back out of the driveway, where he watches you from the window as you drive away.

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But even if you’re gone, she’s daydreaming about you and wagging her tail while napping.

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And sure, okay: she might be dreaming of bacon, but it’s bacon you’re feeding her. Yeah, she’s completely obsessed with you.

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