Find the Perfect Harness for Your Pup

Find the Perfect Harness for Your Pup

Harnesses have a bad rap—they're generally not the prettiest accessory and often thought of as only needed if your pup realllllly pulls. But there are plenty of other purposes they can serve for different types of dogs. Find the ideal blend of functionality and fashion for your pup:

For the studious pup who wishes he could go back to school

Charlie's Backyard Backpack

For the pup who likes to go for a dip

Leerberg DT Harness

For the diva pup who likes to get her glam on

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Moo and Twig Reversible Dog Harness

For the pup who’s new to walking on the leash

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Easy Walk® Harness

For the pup that pulls you down the street

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Wildebeest Linden Dog Harness

For the pup who likes to walk on the wild side

Wolf Pack NYC Warrior Leather Dog Harness

For the pup with sensitive skin who needs some breathing room

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Zee.Dog Buzz Mesh Plus Dog Harness

For the picky pup who requires a custom fit

Clean Run Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness System

For the pup who goes (do)nuts for harnesses

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Fuzz Yard Go Nuts Dog Harness

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