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The Best Dog Tags, According to Your Pup's Personality

The Best Dog Tags, According to Your Pup's Personality

. 1 min read

Yes, dog tags are important to ID your pup (in addition to microchipping!) But they definitely don't have to look snoozy. We rounded up some of our favorite tags that are totally fashionable and functional.

For the Thelma to your Louise

A post shared by larroma (@larroma) on

Cameron Rose Jewelry BFF Charm

For the pup who's always down for happy hour

A post shared by PetHaus (@hellopethaus) on

PetHaus Dog Tag Bottle Opener

For the obedience class clown

Bad Tags

For the pup who holds the key to your heart

Broughton & Co Bronze Heart Lovelock Charm

For the four-legged fashion model

A post shared by Growlees (@growlees) on

Growlees Collar Charms

For the pup who loves a good selfie

Companion Craftworks Leather Tags

For the pup who comes before anyone else

A post shared by Fairgoods (@wearefairgoods) on

Fairgoods Lil' Bae Pet Tag

For the pup who's not afraid to speak his mind

Lucky Feather Pet Thoughts Tag

For the pup who likes to run away

A post shared by TagsForHope (@tagsforhope) on

TagsForHope Pet ID Tag

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