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The 7 Best Spots to Take Your Pup Camping This Summer (and Fall!)

The 7 Best Spots to Take Your Pup Camping This Summer (and Fall!)

. 3 min read

Whether or not you're a "camper" per se, doesn't spending the night snuggled up with your pup in a tent under the stars sound pretty awesome right now? We sniffed out the best places to explore the great outdoors together—so pack up your gear, book your campsite, and get ready to go on an adventure together:

1. Ruth Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah

This spot has a hike with just 300 feet elevation, making it the perfect beginner camping spot for you and your pup. The walk is less than a mile, and you can camp out directly on the stunning lake. The area is also well-known for its beautiful wildflowers, so it’s very Insta-friendly. It can be rocky, though, to take care with your pups’ paws!

2. Olympic Peninsula Port Angeles, Washington

This epic camping spot in the Olympic National Park has a view of the incredible mountain range that makes it look like you’re on top of the world with your pup.  You two can explore the forests, hot springs, and waterfalls on two and four legs. Another awesome perk? Your pup can start their journey to becoming a “bark ranger”, which entails learning how to hike safely in the area . The only negative is that there are a few stream crossings, so bring some waterproof boots (and make sure your pup doesn’t mind the water!)  

3. Riley Creek Campground Sandpoint, Idaho

This unique spot looks like it’s out of a movie: It's is right near the Canadian border, on Idaho’s largest lake and is surrounded by three major mountain ranges where you can choose your adventure together: You can hike the Mickinnick Trail, take your pup swimming in Lake Pend Oreille and then pitch a tent in the campground to sleep under the stars. Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles, osprey, and bears!

4. Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado

This 76,711 acre area has everything you and your pup could possibly want: with 28 trails, you can camp in the forest, explore the grasslands, the mountainside and swim in the river. There’s even a beautiful waterfall hidden away off the Monarch Lake trail. Just keep your dog on a leash at all times here.

5.  Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon

If you and your pup prefer to go camping on a beach, this is the ideal spot. An hour and a half west of Portland, the campground is less than a three-minute walk to the shore. The hiking in this area is more intense but totally worth the views for you and your pup. Book one of the six dog-friendly yurts to sleep in!

6. Crawford Notch Campground, New Hampshire

This campground is right near the Appalachian trail as well as Mt. Willard. Dogs are welcome on the moderate yet quick hike to the top of the peak, where is there is a stunning waterfall. This camping spot is also located right by Crawford Path which is the oldest used trail in the United States. Surrounded by 800,000 acres of the White Mountain National Forest, there’s a scenic view pretty much everywhere you and your pup turn.

7. Shenandoah National Park, VA

Located just 75 miles outside of Washington, DC, it will feel like you and your pup are in a different world. “Backcountry camping” as it’s called, requires a little more preparing and experience, but it’s totally worth it: your pup is allowed on most trails, just make sure you pack sufficient water and your dog is ready for a more serious outdoor adventure.