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27 November 2023


2023 Gift Guide for Dogs

We’ve rounded up our best 2023 holiday picks for every pup and pup parent on your list this year.

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If you’ve got a pup on your holiday list this year, consider yourself lucky! Dogs are arguably THE best gift recipients: they’re appreciative (look at that tail go!), they live to unwrap anything and everything, and they’ll never ask for a gift receipt. Still, giving a gift that speaks to their unique personality is sure to go over well with pups and parents alike, so we rounded up our best picks for every pup on your list.

For new dog parents

Skout’s Honor Messy Home Kit

Pup parenting is a messy job, but we’ve got the clean-up crew for you! A do-it-all kit of odor and stain removers is a perfect gift for pup parents in the throws of potty training or those who want to live the dog life without smelling like it.

Ollie Training Treats

A great stocking stuffer for pup pupils who need a little extra motivation during their training sessions, our Training Treats are available in two tempting flavors: peanut butter and parmesan cheese.

Embark DNA Test Kit

The perfect gift for parents of rescues, super mutts, or anyone who wants to dive a little deeper into their dog’s DNA and find out which breeds to attribute for their best, worst, and wildest behavior.

For dogs who live to eat

Ollie Fresh Food Subscription

A wholesome pick for any dog on your list, Ollie’s clean, simple meals are the gift that keeps on giving. With five delicious, nutritious recipes to choose from, Ollie’s meal plan is tailored to your pup’s individual needs and delivered to your door on a schedule you choose. Also available to add to your subscription is Ollie’s Belly Rubs Probiotic Supplement for furry foodies who need a little extra digestive support.

Ollie Jerky Strips

Sneak a couple of bags of Ollie’s Jerky Strips in your favorite pup’s stocking and see who quickly becomes their favorite. These human-grade, whole-ingredient treats are a healthful way to reward dogs easily and regularly. Available with an Ollie subscription. 

Wild One Placemat

Clean eating isn’t always clean eating if you know what we mean. For fierce foodies who love to play with their food, these slick, washable placemats are just the thing to catch crumbs in style.

For adventurous and active dogs

Nite Ize Nitehowl® Rechargeable LED Safety Neck

Keep pups safe and visible during night strolls or dusk hikes with this color-changing necklace. It brings disco to the dark and illuminates the sidewalk or trail for after-hours adventures.

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler

Fuel your pup’s next adventure without skipping a beat. This soft-sided cooler bag is a purposeful present for pups and their parents who are constantly on the go and need a place to stash their Ollie between mealtimes.

Ollie Zoomies Hip & Joint Supplement

Keep active dogs up and running with Ollie’s all-new Zoomies Hip & Joint Supplement. Glucosamine and Chondroitin team up to provide support for your pup’s ligaments, joints, and bones for healthy mobility. 

For dogs who love the great indoors

Jax & Bones Lounge Bed

Upgrade your pup’s favorite nap spot with a bed that says “I am serious about snoozing.” These sofa-style dog beds are extra cozy and extra durable for those dedicated dozers in your life. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and colorways so you match them to every dog or room on your list.

Lambwolf Let Dogs Be Dogs Blanket

A super soft reminder to love dogs for who they are, this dog blanket makes a cozy addition to a crate, bed, or couch, but we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to rock it around town, spreading the message for all to read.

Piecework Top Dog Puzzle

If staying in with a puzzle on the table and a pup at your feet sounds like the perfect night for someone on your list, consider that box checked! Piecework puzzles are plenty challenging and, once completed, are true works of art. Be prepared to frame this one once you’ve put all one thousand pieces in their place.

For dogs who love enrichment

Fable Armadillo™ Toy

What’s Christmas morning without at least one toy? This modular puzzle toy is made to grow with your pup as they get older and craftier and pairs nicely with Ollie’s Training Treats and your pup’s favorite lickable snack like peanut butter, yogurt, or cottage cheese.

Barkwhiz Dog Food Puzzle Toy

For the puzzle masters on your list, we’ve got just the thing. Load this interactive toy up with Ollie Baked or Training Treats and watch your pup’s nose brain go to work.

Up Dog Odin Puzzle Toy

Keeps pups busy while you wrap presents or prepare dinner with this treat-dispensing toy. Dogs of all ages will have a blast while working hard to earn their just rewards.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out MyOllie.com.

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