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Ollie's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Ollie's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

. 7 min read

Whether your pup has been naughty or nice this year, we’re sure you are still going to want to get them something special this holiday season. Whether your pup loves to eat, dig, chew, or nap, we rounded up some of the best gifts any pup is sure to love.

For the Foodie


1. Ollie Subscription

We’d be remiss not to suggest a subscription to Ollie! Our four delicious Recipes will delight your pup’s taste buds all year round. To make your gift extra special and have something to wrap, consider adding a few bags of our single ingredient treats to your order. They’ll look great with a bow under the tree!

2. Bocce’s Bakery Holiday Collection

With flavors like Figgy Pudding, Holiday Feast and Santa S’mores there is something fun for any pup. From savory flavors in the Holiday Feast from turkey and pumpkin to sweet carob and peanut butter in the S’mores these soft and chewy treats are perfect for pups of any age. If your pup prefers a crunch, shop through Bocce’s other collections to find the perfect present.

3. K9 Granola Factory Gourmet Doughnuts

For the gourmet pup these doughnuts are artfully decorated with delicious toppings like vanilla yogurt, carob and strawberry. Treat your four legged foodie to a mixed box of doughnuts this holiday season!

4. Kong Wobbler

If your pup is gobbling down food or treats without tasting it, consider a kong wobbler. This interactive feeder will help mentally stimulate your pup and allow them to slow down and make mealtime last longer. The wobbler comes in small and large to accommodate any size pup!

For the Athlete


1. Backyard Agility Equipment

If running, jumping and weaving are your pup’s “thing” consider investing in some agility equipment for your backyard. Etsy stores like Zippydogs and the TheDogAgilityShop carry affordable and easy to assemble jumps, tires and weave poles. If you prefer the DIY route you can purchase instructions and make your own using PVC and electrical tape your pick up at the local hardware store!

2. Bold Lead Designs 8 Way Brahma leash

Do you have a strong but active dog? This leash comes in 6 or 8-foot lengths and can be used many ways with many different harnesses or collars. You can even configure it so you can walk your pup hands-free. These leads come in many colors so as not to cramp your style. You can choose the color of your hardware to match as well! While the price tag is significantly higher than the leashes you’ll find at PetSmart, the quality is also far superior. Katrina and her team also provide exceptional customer service, a good warranty, and inexpensive repair for any damaged leads.

3. Inspire Training Treat Pouch

Worried about treating your good boy or girl on the agility course or hiking trail? The Inspire Training Treat Pouch will keep your treats right at your fingertips. With two pockets so dog moms and dads can also carry important stuff like a cell phone, keys and poop bags, this stylish pouch holds a good amount of delicious treats!

4. Highwave AutoDogMug

The AutoDogMug water bottle has a bowl attachment at the top and works like a water fountain. When you squeeze the bottle water flows upward into the bowl. When you stop squeezing, water flows back into the bottle - making this ideal for pups and their owners on the go. The “mug” fits in car cupholders and is safer than a communal water bowl when out and about. With 6 colors to choose from these water bottles will complement any color palette!

For the Couch Potato


1. Animals Matter Puff Beds

While these beds are on the pricy side, starting at $179.00, they are an investment in the comfort of your couch potato. These high-quality beds are made in a variety of textures and fabrics to delight any pup who loves to lounge. In addition to comfort, they’re built for style so they will complement the decor of your home.

2. Lands End Personalized Blanket

Although these blankets aren’t specifically made for dogs they’ll look great draped over your couch or anywhere else your pup loves to lounge. You can purchase one made for your pup through the AKC’s holiday shop (in this adorable gift box) but from our personal experience these blankets are a bit thicker and hold up better.

3. Snoozer Cozy Cave

If your couch potato likes to burrow or hide, this is the perfect present. With cozy sherpa on the inside and stylish microsuade on the outside, this bed will also fit in nicely with your decor so go ahead and order one to match your personal style. If you have an older pup, you can upgrade to an orthopedic insert. They also make a cedar poly-fill that fights odors as well as repels fleas and ticks. In three sizes from small to extra large they accommodate almost any sized dog from a Maltese to a Great Dane!

For the Fashion-forward


1. The Foggy Dog accessories

For stylish and coordinated leashes, collars and bandannas look no further than The Foggy Dog. If you want to coordinate with your pup this year you can thanks to a matching mask and bandanna set.

2. Rifle Paper Co. Collars and Bandannas

If florals are more your thing, (we know, florals for spring… groundbreaking) consider the Rifle Paper Co.'s line of dog collars, bandannas and matching toys. While these tend to look a bit more feminine, boys can rock the florals too!

3. Pendelton Dog Collection

If you’re looking for something a bit more… rugged, check out Pendelton’s collection of beds, coats and collars for your pup. In national park themed prints, there is a color scheme for any style! Our personal favorites are Crater Lake and Grand Canyon.

For the Brainiac


1. Fable Pets The Game

Stylish and interactive,The Game comes in four colors and can hold over 1.5 cups of dry food. It also features ‘fins’ on the top that can hold spreadable treats like peanut butter or your pup’s favorite flavor of Ollie. The game is designed to mimic your pup’s natural hunting or prey drive and can keep your pup engaged to minimize begging during holiday meals.

2. Nina Ottoson Puzzles

If your pup needs something more sophisticated than a stuffed animal to play with consider a puzzle designed especially for them. These puzzles come in three levels of difficulty so your pup will always be challenged. While you can’t buy directly from Ottoson’s site anymore, these toys are available on Amazon, and through Outward Hound.

3. Nosework Essential Oils Kit

For pups who love to sniff (and that’s almost all of them) nosework can be a fun and engaging bonding experience for you and your pup. You can purchase a starter set like this essential oils kit and instructions to get started in the wonderful world of nosework. While your pup may never be a bomb sniffer or drug detection dog, they can learn to detect many other scents. AKC hosts competitions and awards titles, so this holiday present could actually become a new, fun hobby!

For The Toy Hoarder


1. Wild One Toy Kit

No matter if your pup enjoys tugging, fetching or chewing, this kit has the perfect toy. Even better if your pup enjoys all three - you’ll never have to choose just one again! This set is “made with 100% natural rubber, 100% organic cotton, and designed so you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics or functionality.”

2. ZippyPaws Burrow Toys

These are actually four toys in one. Each toy is stuffed with three miniature, coordinating toys to keep your pup entertained for hours. Christmas-themed options include a tree stuffed with ornaments, a mushroom filled with gnomes or a milk carton with cookies. For those pups celebrating Hanukkah pick up a star of david with gelt or a dreidel with little teddy bears. If you want something more timeless consider the moon and three stars, strawberries in a waffle or soup dumplings in a steamer basket!

3. Kong Wubba

Made of rope, material or even to look like a furry friend these toys are a great addition to a full toybox. describes the rope wubba as “This tempting toy of twists and knots is crafted with woven rope to help satisfy your sidekick’s chewing instincts while promoting healthy teeth and gums. It has four long tails that are great for tugging with multiple paw-tners and they add excitement to thrashing! Unlike other rope toys, this one also has a squeaker inside for an added element of fun and surprise. KONG’s Wubba Weaves Rope Dog Toy is great for both indoor and outdoor play sessions, so your dog can enjoy his new toy, whatever the weather!’ If tugging isn’t your thing try a Wubba friend. This toy looks like a cuddly bunny, bear, or fox and is great for squeaking, snuggling, or shaking!

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