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The Smartest Gear for Your Pup Camping Trips

The Smartest Gear for Your Pup Camping Trips

. 2 min read

Whether you yearn to see the Harvest Moon up close, or merely want to escape the urban tsunami of pumpkin spice lattes, it's prime time to pack the car and head for the hills with your pup for a weekend getaway. There's no denying that dogs make great [camping buddies]( (always the first to volunteer to eat that burned marshmallow). But just as you have learned the value of wool socks, head lamps and a sturdy knife, your dog would like to inform you that his enjoyment also depends on having the right gear. A little investment in smart equipment is the biggest difference between a "meh" camping experience and one that is fetching awesome...for both of you.

Because why should you carry all the stuff?

Dog camping gear dog backpack

Approach Dog Pack by Ruffwear

Because your old way of sharing a water bottle meant pouring a few drops into the cap.
Dog camping gear water bottle

Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl by Kugo

Because mud happens.

Dog camping gear seat cover

Dirtbag Seat Cover by Ruffwear

Because safety first.

Dog camping gear first aid kit

Me & My Dog First Aid Kit by Adventure Dog Series

Because last time you swore you'd never share a sleeping bag again.

Dog camping gear sleeping bag

Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag by Ruffwear

Because you're not the only one whose feet hurt at the end of a long hike.

Dog camping gear dog shoes

Grip Trex by Ruffwear

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