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29 May 2024


6 Summer Side Quests for You and Your Pup

When it comes to summer, joy is an essential ingredient. Time to grab your best bud, have some fun, and soak up the sun.

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Off-leash hours, the breeze from the backseat, napping belly-up in a sunbeam—it’s definitely a good time to be a dog. Kick off your summer with these pup-approved activities.

1. Take a hike

Grab their leash and lace up your hiking boots! Summer is the perfect time to explore the pet-friendly trails in your local state parks or metro parks. Check online to see which nearby parks allow pets, or visit AllTrails and filter by “dog-friendly” to discover new trails. 

Of course, it’s important to fuel up for any big adventure. That’s why we’ve created a list of healthy, dog-friendly snacks to take on your next hike.

2. Make waves

Don your sunnies, slather on the SPF, and head to a pet-friendly beach or lake! Your water dog will have a blast diving off the dock, practicing their doggie paddle, and playing fetch on the shore. Explore one of these dog-friendly beaches, or find nearby beaches using BringFido.

While a beach day can be the perfect way to beat the heat, it’s important to stay safe by being mindful of these dos and don’ts.

3. Find your place on the patio

Summer is the perfect time to share your favorite restaurants and breweries with your best friend. See which places in your area offer pet-friendly outdoor seating, and have your pup tag along on you next dinner out.

4. Have a pool party with your pack

Invite your friends over and break out the kiddie pool. Just add water for a fun afternoon splashing around, zipping through sprinklers, and trying to chomp the hose. Looking to amp up the fun? Check out these splash pads from Leaps & Bounds and these pool floats from Funboy.

5. Hit the road

Whether you’re going for a quick spin around the block or heading across the country, there’s nothing like going for a drive with your pup. This can be a great way for both of you to get out of the house, crank the tunes, and experience something new. If you’re going further than your favorite local routes, you may want to take note of these travel tips.

6. Treat yourselves to some ice cream

Cool off with THE treat of the summer. Grab a pint of Van Leeuwen and Ollie’s limited edition Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream for dogs. Don’t forget to also snag a pint of your favorite Van Leeuwen flavor and enjoy in a sunny spot for the full experience. Summer won’t last forever and neither will this frozen treat! Get your pint while supplies last.

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