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Maltipoo 101: Is a Maltipoo the Right Dog for You?

Maltipoo 101: Is a Maltipoo the Right Dog for You?

. 4 min read

Crossing Poodles with other breeds has gained in popularity in recent years. From the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle to smaller breeds like the Cavipoo, pet owners enjoy having pups who take the best traits from both breeds.

Considering adding a Maltipoo to your family? Learn all about these adorable and friendly dogs and the type of home that might be right for them.

About the Maltipoo

As the name implies, the Maltipoo comes from breeding a standard, toy, or miniature poodle with a Maltese. They come in a wide variety of colors and their hair is low shedding, making them a suitable pup for many who suffer from allergies.

While these pups can live in a variety of environments, they, like most small dogs have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years. So before you bring one home, think about your future plans and how a pup might fit into them.


3 pros of Maltipoos

1. Good for apartments

Maltipoos can range in height from 4 to about 14 inches at their shoulder and they weigh between 3 and 20 pounds. This makes them ideal candidates for apartment living. For most apartment complexes with pet weight limits the max weight is often around 25 or 50 pounds, both of which keep the Maltipoo in the running. Because of their small stature, they don’t require as much space in order to be able to play and exercise indoors too.

2. Low shedding

We’ve already mentioned the low shedding coats which can make these pups ideal for families where someone is allergic to pups. Although there really is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, its is believed that these poodle mixes can help keep allergy sufferers comfortable and allow them to have a dog in the house.

3. Friendly

Maltipoos are friendly pups and can be great companion dogs for children and seniors alike. They can also thrive as therapy dogs working with anyone who needs a little comfort and cheer. We always remind new parents and new pet parents that even with a friendly pup it is important to supervise dogs and children when they play together.

4 cons of Maltipoos

1. Sensitive temperament

Maltipoos can have a more sensitive temperament and can be highly sensitive to changes in environment and chaos in general. If you move around a lot or have a very chaotic home, this might not be the right pup for you.

2. Prone to separation anxiety

While this may be true of a lot of “pandemic puppies" the Maltipoo as a breed is particularly prone to separation anxiety. Howver, this can be combatted with good and consistent training. Teaching your puppy from a young age that the crate is a safe space and that you’ll always come back (maybe with a tasty treat..) will help your puppy with any anxieties. Just remember to be consistent and enlist the help of a trainer if you need to.

3. Coats require some maintenance

The Maltipoo’s hair will need regular brushing and trimming. If you don’t want to enlist a pro for a costly groom (these services tend to be around $75) you might be able to learn to do it yourself. Just be careful not to cut the pup or trim down too far.

4. Can be expensive

Although Matipoos are not considered purebred dogs by the American Kennel Club, they can still cost upwards of $4,000 for a puppy. Why? Mostly because of consumer demand. These dogs make wonderful companions and family pets and breeders are cashing in. Because of this it is important to vet your breeder thoroughly to ensure you aren’t purchasing a puppy from a puppy mill. Not only are these mills not good to the parents who are overbred, you also risk bringing a sick puppy into your home which can be devastating.

Is a Maltipoo a good first dog?

Yes, the Maltipoo can be a great first pup for a new dog owner. They are well-mannered, friendly, and easy to train. Like any puppy, the Maltipoo puppy is going to be hard work. From teaching your puppy to use a crate and go to the bathroom outside to managing that puppy energy and teething, there is still plenty for a new owner to do. All of the training and care you provide to your new puppy will help strengthen your bond, making your puppy your best friend for life.

Maltipoos are generally healthy pups, but they need good nutrition (and lots of love) to thrive! At Ollie, we know a thing or two about feeding Maltipoos. This breed is one of the 10 most popular among our customers. Our recipes are created by a veterinary nutritionist with these pup’s health and taste buds in mind. From our carefully selected human-grade proteins to our superfoods like blueberries Maltipoo owners love how much their beloved pets enjoy eating Ollie.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out