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Dog-friendly Snacks for a Long Hike or Run

Dog-friendly Snacks for a Long Hike or Run

. 3 min read

Being active with your dog is a great way to bond while getting in some exercise. If you’re planning some longer hikes or runs you might throw some trail mix, beef jerky, or gummies in your pack to munch on when hunger strikes. But what about your dog’s nutritional needs while your out? We looked at some of the best snacks for your pup to give them a much-needed boost.


Best snacks for a long hike or run

1. Peanut butter

For some easy protein on the trail (for both you and your pup) carry peanut butter. You don’t even have to carry the whole jar as companies like Jiff and Justin’s make individual serving containers and plastic pouches.

If you are going to share peanut butter with your pup, make sure whatever brand you choose is free from sugar and xylitol. Your pup won’t need the extra sugar and xylitol can be fatal when ingested in large enough quantities (or make your pup sick). Remember to carry any trash out with you when you’re done with your snack.

2. Bananas

Another great portable option for the trail that is sharable - you can even use your banana as a vehicle for peanut butter. Bananas are higher in calories and sugar (as well as potassium) which makes them the ideal snack to refuel along the trail.

3. Sweet potato slices

You’ll probably want to save this one just for the pup, but Ollie's sweet potato slices are easy to transport and provide a great source of energy on a hike. Since they take a few minutes to eat, they’re also the perfect snack for when you want to take a break.

4. Plato's Thinkers

These treats made with great sources of protein and vegetables are both portable and breakable for a quick snack on the trail. Whatever protein your pup prefers - you can find them a Thinker in that flavor. Even pups who prefer fish can enjoy the Salmon Thinkers.

5. Bocce’s Bakery training treats

These delicious treats are made with things like rice, oats and molasses for a quick hit of energy along the trails. While they are designed to be used for puppy training (so they’re small to avoid letting pup get too full when training) they can make great snacks for dogs of any age on the trail. Mix them with some kibble or other treats to make a little dog-friendly trail mix!

6. Fresh, cool water

Ok, ok we know this isn’t exactly a snack, but we always take a minute to remind pet parents that it is important to pack water when hiking or running with your pet. Consider a water bottle like The Highwave AutoDogMug so you don’t also need to pack a travel bowl. As a bonus, the excess water will run back into the bottle so you don’t waste any.

While your dog can enjoy many types of fresh and dried fruit, and even some nuts, you always want to avoid sharing trail mixes that contain raisins and/or macadamia nuts as these can be toxic to dogs. If you are sharing food with your dog, always check ingredient labels before offering to your pup. Even if no raisins are visible in the trail mix, some other dried fruit can be sweetened with grape juice and those aren't things you want to share with your pup.

Nutrition before and after your hike

Giving your pup the proper fuel to enjoy hiking and running with you is key to a successful outing. At Ollie, we know a thing or two about this. We make fresh, human-grade dog food with carefully selected ingredients - including our amazing proteins.

Feeding Ollie before and after your hikes and runs will give your dog everything they need to fuel up and recover properly.

When you subscribe, we ask you a few questions to get to know your pup and design the perfect meal plan. For avid hikers and runners, let us know your pups are very active so we can factor that into creating the perfect meals.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out