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Things Our Dogs Won't Miss About Winter

Things Our Dogs Won't Miss About Winter

. 2 min read

While some pups love everything about winter (We’re looking at you - Huskies, Newfoundlands, and Labs) others absolutely despise it and would prefer spending the colder months hibernating under a pile of blankets in close proximity to the heater.

This post is for our winter hating pups (and their parents), as we start moving into spring. Here are some of the things we're sure our pups will NOT miss about winter!


5 Things our dogs won’t miss about winter

1. Salty Sidewalks

While salty sidewalks may prevent a miles long slip and slide, the salt can irritate tender paws. Things like booties and protective balms may help but your pup probably still thinks the salt on the sidewalk stinks. For pups who hate having their paws handled, the salt also probably means more pedicures as it's important to rinse the salt away after a walk to avoid further irritation or an upset stomach if your pup tries to groom themselves.

2. Slipping on icy patches

Even with salt or advanced snow removal techniques, winter does bring cold temperatures and lots of ice. Your pup won’t miss navigating slick surfaces for the foreseeable future. This is especially true of older pups. Slipping and falling can lead to injuries that make navigating even more challenging.

3. Dry air and dry skin

Dry air and forced heat are the perfect combinations to bring out dry, itchy skin. And there’s only so much that moisturizing shampoo can do. Another thing your dog won’t miss? Getting shocked when you touch them due to the static electricity that is so much more abundant in wintertime.

4. Less outdoor playtime

With colder temperature comes less time spent outdoors. The risk of hypothermia or frostbite is real and when temps drop below freezing outdoor playtime can be less fun for both dogs and their humans. And when it gets dark at 4 pm, no one wants to linger outside in the cold!

5. Getting dressed to go outside

For pups with shorter coats, heading out might be a process. From jackets and sweaters to protective boots, getting ready to head out can take a lot longer in the colder months. And not just for the pups, they may have to wait patiently for their humans to don coats, hats, scarves, and gloves in order to head out for a walk.


If your dog is one who hates winter they’re probably jumping for joy that daylight savings time has arrived and with it come warmer temperatures, longer days, and fun outdoor adventures. If your dog is on the other end of the spectrum and loves winter, they may be missing their favorite activities like playing in the snow or joining you for some serious sledding or winter sports. Either way, there are many ways to have fun with your pup all year round. What is your favorite warm-weather activity to include your pup in?

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