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Wearable Tech That Will Keep Your Pup Fit, Safe, and Happy

Wearable Tech That Will Keep Your Pup Fit, Safe, and Happy

. 3 min read

It was only a matter of time before the whole Fit-Bit-driven let-me-track-every-move-I-make was adopted by the canine community. But it’s even gone beyond that, with new cutting-edge wearable technology for pups that helps humans not just record their activity, sleep—even their social life—but improve it too. Check out what these gadgets can do for your dog:

To get your dog in shape: FitBark
wearable technology for dogs FitBark

Clip this lightweight sensor to your dog’s collar to monitor his activity and sleep. It syncs up to your smartphone and has an easy-to-decipher dashboard of activity, sleep quality and estimated calorie expenditure. Set daily activity goals for your pup (average, active, Olympian) based on his age, weight and breed, and use it to track any medical issues like weight loss or recovery from surgery. It can weather being dunked in water or dragged through dirt, and humans may link their own Fitbit, Jawbone or another supported tracker so you can monitor both simultaneously.

To tune into your pup’s feelings: Inupathy

wearable technology for dogs Inupathy

A mash-up of the words “insight” and “empathy,” this harness-like device has a heart-rate monitor that translates data into different colors and light patterns that reveal whether your dog is happy, relaxed, excited or anxious. The wearable’s inventor started testing the monitor on his Corgi and then branched out to other breeds. The device syncs with your iPhone via an app that shows you an emotional dashboard that tracks the average happiness of your pup. A “play mode” feature on the app suggests a specific game like hide-and-seek or catch, based on your pet’s current emotional state.

To help your dog make play dates: WonderWoof
wearable technology for dogs WonderWoof

This bowtie-shaped device clips onto any collar. In addition to tracking your pet’s activity in real time (so you know if she's currently running, sleeping, playing or walking) it’s also a social network for pups. Connect your friends’ dogs who also have a WonderWoof to the accompanying app and you can see on a map if they’re nearby and available for a play date. You can also set medical, grooming, and food reminders with the app.

To capture your pup in action: GoPro Fetch
wearable technology for dogs GoPro Fetch

Wondering what it’s like to see the world through your pup’s eyes? This dog harness captures footage from your pet’s POV. The durable harness has two mounting locations (the chest and the back) for a Go Pro camera so you can get a variety of perspectives. The washable material holds up to swimming, splashing, mud and general roughhousing.

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