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28 December 2020


15 Winter Dog Coats You’ll Wish You Could Wear Too

This winter may mean more indoor activities for your pup and extra time with Nextflix for you. While you might wish you could stay inside and hibernate until spring, your pup will still need to get our to do their business and get some exercise. Although your pup’s hair or fur will protect them from […]

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This winter may mean more indoor activities for your pup and extra time with Nextflix for you. While you might wish you could stay inside and hibernate until spring, your pup will still need to get our to do their business and get some exercise.

Although your pup’s hair or fur will protect them from the elements, they might need a little extra help in the coat department. This is especially true of young puppies, older dogs, smaller dogs and pups who are lean with shorter coats. To help you out, we rounded up a selection of jackets to fit your pup’s needs, style, and of course your budget.

For the Fashion-forward


Photo: Design Milk

If your dog thinks the sidewalk is their own personal runway consider one of these fashion forward jackets. Not only are these coats made for looks, they’re also functional and will keep your pup warm and cozy.

Tracksuite Superlight Puffer – ilovemydog

This italian puffy jacket comes in a variety of colors that any pup will love. It will keep them warm with extra length that covers their rear end and some of their legs too! For extra fashion clout this jacket is shipped from Italy with the designer price tag to boot.

Patterned Floral Insulated Dog & Cat Puffer Coat – Frisco

For the lover of all things floral, consider this insulated puffer coat from Frisco. At an affordable price point under $20 it makes a great test coat if your pup has never worn one before.

Sofia Softshell Coat – MiaCara

Keep your pup looking their best and feeling cozy in this waterproof and windproof coat. With three colors to choose from, you can pick the one that compliments your pups coloring best.

For the City Slicker


Photo: Maxbone

If your pup enjoys strutting around the city and regularly joins you at the office, to pick up takeout, or run errands these jackets are perfect for work or play.

Quilted Waxed Cotton Dog Jacket – Orvis

Orvis’ waxed cotton jacket has been a popular staple in many human’s colets for a long time. The company decided that since it was such a hit they would also produce a canine version for your best friend. With two colors to choose from this stylish and functional coat will protect your pup from the elements if you bring them on errands with your or just out for a casual stroll.

winter coats, denim vest

1200D Exercise Dog Coat – WEATHERBEETA

This lightweight and breathable coat will protect your pup from the elements on your power walks through the city. For extra visibility this jacket features reflective piping.

Arabella Puffer Vest – Maxbone

Chances are your pup will outshine you in this puffy number from Maxbone. This plush vest is extra warm and cozy——perfect for long walks to the bodega or casual hangs on your fire escape.

For the One Who Lives For The Holidays


Photo: Chilly Dog Sweaters

If your pup’s festive feelings extend to their fashion choices, we found a few jackets to keep them warm and in the holiday spirit. In bold patterns, reds and blues these coats are sure to please any pup.

Fair Isle Fleece Lined Dog and Cat Hoodie – Frisco

This inexpensive hoodie (under $15) makes the perfect holiday coat. With red white fair isle and cozy fleece your pup will be ready for any photo-op or a long walk after Christmas dinner.

Navy Tartan Plaid Blanket Dog Coat – Chilly Dog

Since 1999 Chilly Dog has been keeping pups warm and cozy in style. Featuring bold colors like navy blue, hunter green and some red and yellow stripes, this festive coat will keep your pup warm and stylish. It is lined with the softest fleece to keep your pup extra cozy. This coat also comes in six sizes to fit just about any pup so be sure to measure carefully before ordering to get the best fit.

Snugwear Cozy Dog Coat – In the Company of Dogs

This coat can be worn indoors (with supervision) and out to keep your pup warm and cozy. With 26 colors and 11 sizes there is something for everyone. To keep in the holiday spirit, we recommend patterns like red or blue plaid.

For the One Who is Always Cold


Photo: Canada Pooch

True North Parka – Canada Pooch

Available in 13 sizes this coat was designed to keep your pup warm. With attractive color blocking and a fur trimmed hood it is fashionable and functional. This water resistant jacket features a fleece lining and heavy insulation to protect your pup from winter’s worst!

Cinching Insulated Dog & Cat Parka with Sleeves – Frisco

Another parka option for your pup who hates winter this jacket is more moderately priced around $20. It features a fur lined hood and polar fleece insulation to keep your pup warm.

ToppaPomppa – Pomppa

If you’re serious about keeping your pup warm and cozy consider this jacket that comes all the way from Finland. Before you ask, yes you will need to translate the website from Finnish. Once you do, you will find out that this jacket is serious about keeping your pup warm. Rated one of the best by Whole Dog Journal in 2018 as one of the best of the best, we think your dog will love this one for many years to come.

For The Trail Blazer


Photo: RuffWear

For the pup who loves the great outdoors and wants to spend the coldest months hiking or participating in winter sports, these jackets will keep them warm and protected from the elements.

TRACK JACKET™ Reflective Dog Vest – RufWear

This high-visibility, reflective jacket can help you and your pup extend your adventures into low-light conditions. Made out of a waterproof polyester fabric, this reflective dog vest has a lightweight, streamlined design. Reflective accent panels along the sides and in the chest martingale enhance visibility on all sides.

Extreme Warmer – Hurtta

This jacket features a foil liner to reflect your pups body heat back to them. It also has high visibility reflectors so your pup is prepared no matter how severe the elements might be. At almost $100 it isn’t a bargain but the advanced features are worth the added cost for pups who will be out in the elements this winter.

Powershield Winter Coat – MountainMuttDogCoats

With seven sizes and two lengths, this coat will cover just about any pup in need. Powershield was developed by the military and is now available to your pup. It will help them regulate their body temp so they don’t get too hot or too cold. The jackets are lined with fleece to keep your dog cozy.

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