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These Summer Collars Will Crush It at the Beach

These Summer Collars Will Crush It at the Beach

. 2 min read

Think about it: When the only thing you wear is a thin strip of material around your neck, you gotta make it count. And that standard issue plaid one just doesn't say, 'I plan on spending all summer with my paws in the sand.' We rounded up a few of our favorites for the warm weather:

For the prepster who always shows up first to the lobster boil.

Summer collars plaid and preppy

Courtly Check Couture Red Dog Collar by MacKenzie-Child

For the chic pup who's either headed to the Hamptons or dreaming about it.

Summer colars Hamptons chic

Rope Collar Teal Ombre by Found My Animal

For the doga enthusiast who likes to do Sun Salutations on the beach.


Martingale Dog Collar by The Hound Haberdashery

For the canine ring bearer at a casual outdoor wedding.


PoshPup Plaid Bow Tie Collar

For your all-time BFF, the collar equivalent of a summer camp friendship bracelet.

Summer collars friendship bracelet

Ibiza Collar by PrunkHund

For the hippie at heart who has already booked his trip to Burning Man.


Mutts and Mittens Tie Dye Collar

Photo Credit: Prunkhund

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