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The Best Foodie Dog Names By City (Whiz, Anyone?)

The Best Foodie Dog Names By City (Whiz, Anyone?)

. 2 min read

Clearly we are big fans of dogs named after food (witness our suggestions for pups named after produce). We were a little disappointed to find out that healthy names declined by 17% this year while junk food and alcohol-inspired names were up, according to Rover's survey of the most popular dog names in 2016. Not so surprisingly, "Kale" is most popular in Portland and "Quinoa" is number one in LA. Because nothing makes us happier than thinking about dogs and food, we dreamed up a few other monikers based on certain cities' food culture:

New York City: Dumpling


Sheerly based on how many dumplings we have ordered on Seamless.

Philadelphia: Whiz


You know what makes those Philly cheesesteaks so yummy? That's right.

Austin: Brisket


This dog is prolly the pit master at every BBQ cookout.

San Francisco: Chowder

Chowder. Or Sourdough. If you think chowder is a New England food, then you clearly haven't had it in a sourdough bread bowl in SF.

Boston: Lobstah


Spelled just like that.

Baltimore: Crabcake


Crabcakes and football, that's what Maryland does!

New Orleans: Beignet


If you haven't beignet, you should go to New Orleans.

Boise: Butter

We just hope it's grass-fed and organic.

Charleston: Biscuit


Gravy not included.

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