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The 9 Most Festive Pup Holiday Card Photos Ever

The 9 Most Festive Pup Holiday Card Photos Ever

. 2 min read

Our favorite holiday cards to stick on the fridge? Duh, the ones with dogs. The more ridiculous and over-the-top the photos, the better. In honor of the season, we rounded up a few of the most festive pics we could find on the Internets (also awesome inspiration if you haven't taken your photo yet.)

No matter which holiday you celebrate, we all have one thing in common: An absolute inability to say no to this face.

dog holiday cards, puppy eyes

If you want to lure Saint Nick to stop by your home, definitely have these pups 'hold' your stockings.

dog holiday cards, stockings

There's no bones about the holiday feast at this pup household.

dog holiday cards, holiday feast

The holidays can get pretty stressful, so squeeze in a nap or two whenever (and wherever) you can!

pup holiday cards, sleepy pup

Because before Santa’s sleigh arrives, you may need to slay some White Walkers.

pup holiday cards, Game Of Thrones

As the Mariah Carey classic goes, “Baby, all I want for Christmas… is you(r slipper in my mouth right now).

pup holiday cards, puppy eating slippers

This Christmas card is the definition of #RelationshipGoals.

pup holiday cards, relationship goals

If Santa’s taking his sweet time coming down the chimney, help yourself.

pup holiday cards, eating cookies

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