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13 Must-Follow Pup Accounts On Social Media

13 Must-Follow Pup Accounts On Social Media

. 3 min read

There’s only one cure for Dog Fever and that’s more dogs. Thankfully the Internet Gods deliver with abundance to heal us. We’ve rounded up our favorite dog-centric feeds on social media today, some you might know, some you might be discovering for the first time. Add them to your feed and revel.

The Dogist

dogs of Instagram, The Dogist

It’s the HONY of the dog world, filled with gorgeous photos of dogs along with a quick bio or backstory. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you five minutes late to your next meeting because you can’t stop reading.

Harlow & Sage

dogs of Instagram, Harlow & Sage

Meet Harlow, Indiana and Reese Lightning and more sleepy spooning than you can handle. (Don’t get confused if you’re just joining this convo - this feed began with two dogs, including wise old Sage, who died, may she rest in peace.) The videos are especially adorbs.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

dogs of Instagram, Crusoe the celebrity Dachshund

This jet-setting sartorial dog will let you live vicariously through all his fabulous adventures and have you wondering why he has a better life than you.

Best Friends Animal Society

dogs of Instagram, Best Freinds Animal Society

They run the largest no-kill sanctuary and programs in the country, and their feed is fun, beautiful, and informative. Warning: will ignite your adopt instinct constantly. Still worth it.

King Bentley the Bulldog
dogs of Instagram, King Bently the Bulldog

Cannot get enough of his grumpy, wrinkly mug. Botox be damned, this dog is so cool it hurts.

Something Dylan

dogs of Instagram, Something Dylan

A Cavalier King Charles pup from NYC. He’s mostly “indoorsy” and takes lots of ridiculously precious naps.

Rad Hound
dogs of Instagram, Rad Hound

Reader-submitted photos of rad dogs of all shapes and sizes. A great feed to showcase one of your 17 million photos of your own dog!

Bull Terrier Pics

dogs of Instagram, Bull Terrier Pics

If you aren’t already in love with Bull Terriers, you will be. What is it about them and their ostrich-egg heads? Dunno, but let’s keep looking at them!

Tuna Melts My Heart

dogs of Instagram, Tuna Melts My Heart

Possibly the most loveable awkward overbite on the Internets, little Tuna guarantees a laugh and a smile. And also merchandise.

Samson the Dood

dogs of Instagram, Samson the Dood

This Canadian-born, Brooklyn-transplant Goldendoodle is killing it. Whether he’s camouflaging with his teddy bear bae or hitting the gym, we want to follow his every move. And we do.

Doug the Pug

dogs of Instagram, Doug the Pug

Get your daily dose of pop culture through the eyes of this Nashville Pug, whom you can also follow on SnapChat and Twitter. Because he’s cool like that.

Toast Meets World

dogs of Instagram, Toast Meets World

You would love Toast even if you didn’t know that she was a toothless puppy mill rescue with a perpetually side-hanging tongue. Because she’s made of pure amazing.

Friends of Finn

dogs of Instagram, Friends of Finn

Speaking of Toast and puppy mills, meet her new husband Finn, another puppy mill rescue on a mission to spread awareness and stop the practice. (Via a hilarious, engaging feed. Obvi.)

Okay, those are our faves, your turn! Send us a note and let us know who we need to know to be in the know. Y’know?

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