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8 July 2024


Healthily ever after: Padme’s weight loss success story

Living well starts with eating well and the right food can make a world of difference. See how Ollie is helping this pack member transition into her senior years with nothing weighing her down.

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Meet Padme

Padme is an adorable beagle, basset hound, chihuahua, staffordshire terrier mix living in Florida. After her mom was rescued from a hoarding situation, Padme was born at a shelter and adopted at eight weeks old by her human mom, Rachel. She recently celebrated her tenth birthday and started Ollie to help make sure she’s able to do everything she loves well into her golden years.

How it started

Like most pup parents, Rachel is committed to doing everything she can to ensure Padme is in tip top shape. She knew finding a good food would be key in maintaining a healthy weight for a happy pup. 

According to her vet, the ideal weight for a pup of Padme’s size is about 25-27 pounds. The problem? Even though Padme was on a diet of high-quality healthy weight formula kibble, she was consistently weighing in at around 32-33 pounds.

How it’s going

Unwilling to settle for just good food, Rachel was determined to find the right food, and we’re happy to say Padme is absolutely loving Ollie. She literally jumps up and down in excitement while her bowl is being prepared, and we’re jumping up and down at Padme’s transformation. Rachel is thrilled with Padme’s waist definition and notable energy boost. The pup is strutting her stuff in the Florida sunshine, walking 1-3 miles a day. She also loves to play and practice her doggy paddle in the pool. 

Rachel’s not the only one who’s noticed a positive change in Padme. At her most recent vet check up, Padme weighed in at 26 pounds (right in the middle of her target range!) and was given a clean bill of health. “We’re hopeful that with the right nutrition, our sweet, silly, sassy girl will stay that way for years to come,” said Rachel. We’re excited to see Padme thrive and just know ten will be one of her best years yet.

Looking for a fresh start? Nine out of ten members notice positive changes in their dog after 30 days of feeding them Ollie. Find your pup’s healthily ever after with 50% off your first box of delicious, nutritious meals.

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