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Toast and Finn Tie The Knot and Feast on Wedding-Worthy Food

Toast and Finn Tie The Knot and Feast on Wedding-Worthy Food

. 3 min read

You read about it, you dreamed of being invited--the IT couple of New York finally tied the knot (after a lengthy two-month engagement). The bride wore a stunning custom Marchesa gown. The groom wore a dapper top hat and tails. Yes, the wedding of Toast and Finn was the social event of the year, raising money and awareness to end puppy mills and bringing two hopeless romantics together. But let’s talk about the important stuff, what everyone was eating!

Ollie Caters dog wedding, dog food

(Actually, let’s back this up for a quick sec for some prologue. It was serendipity that brought Toast and Finn together, of course, but it was also serendipity that landed Toast’s papa, otherwise known as @thefatjewish, and me at the same party in which I congratulated him on the upcoming wedding and insisted we provide reception food worthy of the A-list four-legged crowd that would be in attendance. This is no time for Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, people!)

Okay, back to the event. Everydoggy who was anydoggy was in attendance. They came...

Ollie Caters dog wedding, dog guest

They saw...

Ollie Caters dog wedding, dog guets

And then it was time to feast. Cue Etta James singing, “At Last.”

Our friends at I Forgot It’s Wednesday collabed with us to create and concoct a wedding-worthy tower of 4-ounce Mason jars (wide enough for snouts of all sizes) filled with a gourmet pooch-friendly parfait.

Here’s a close up of the parfaits:
Ollie Caters dog wedding, dog parfaits
We modified our usual ingredient list to create a delectable, dinner, including:

  • sunflower oil
  • ground chicken
  • diced chicken liver, diced
  • diced peas and carrots
  • chia seeds
  • dried basil
  • dried parsley
  • dried rosemary
  • sweet potato

We made sweet potato and carrot purees to create bright stripes of color. We also created a jelly from the peas to put at the top of the jar for both visual appeal and nutritional benefits. We then layered the ingredients to create a beautiful parfait that shows them all off, topped with a sprinkle of whole peas as garnish.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves...

Muppet enjoyed it so much she almost forget her manners!

Chloe and her friend, well, just couldn't get enough.

Ollie Caters dog wedding, Finn the groom

The groom couldn’t take his eyes off our feast! (Don’t worry, Toast, he’s going to need stamina for later.)

Ollie Caters dog wedding, Gabby and Pancho

Pancho (sporting black tie) was such a gentleman all night. I may or may not have snuck him an extra serving.

And these two, well, could barely sit still.

It was a night to be remembered and we loved being part of it! If you missed out on the event, you can still show Toast and Finn some love by visiting their Zola wedding registry. Your gift will help support the end of dangerous puppy mills. And that’s a happily ever after if we ever heard one.

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