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8 Reasons Why We'll Miss Bo and Sunny Obama

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. 2 min read

Whatever your personal politics are, you must at the very least love the Obamas' Portuguese Water pups. As the First Dogs, they won us over with poise, grace and perfectly fluffy coats. And not once did the Commander-in-Chief (of the US and of belly rubs) "fake" throw the ball to them. To commemorate the presidential canines, we put together some of Sunny and Bo's best moments at the White House—and what we imagine they said during them:


“Your secret service is slacking, Barry! We got past them to attack you with cuddles.” -Bo


"Don't leave, FLOTUS!" - Sunny and Bo (and everyone else)


“That’s an odd shaped tennis ball you got there, Barack.” - Bo


“We can stick our head out the window, right?“ - Sunny and Bo


“I would just like to say that I had no part in any hacking, I have no thumbs!” - Bo

“Wow, what do you know? The climate changed…”-Sunny to Bo


“You said walk not run, Obama!” - Bo


"YES WE DID!"- Sunny and Bo

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