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The 10 Best Puppy Names for Health Junkies

The 10 Best Puppy Names for Health Junkies

. 2 min read

You are what you eat? We'd like to think you are the food you name your dog after, instead.Yes, we've heard about amazing pups called Nacho and Taco. But we propose you consider a more nutritious alias while you sip on your wheat grass and eat your quinoa bowl. Consider the following for your delicious new puppy:

Puppy names from produce, jicama
Fun to say, more fun to cuddle (the puppy, that is.)

puppy names from produce, endive
Fully bodied, ombre highlights, surprisingly sweet.

puppy names from produce, lentil
Hardy and smooth, but not afraid to be a little spicy, too.

puppy names from produce, peppercorn
Adds a little kick to every bite, this one.

puppy names from produce, wasabi
What can we say? A little goes a long way.


puppy names from produce, butternut

Sweet, nutty, and fits in your lap.

puppy names from produce, frisee
Looks a bit unruly, but that's why we love it.

puppy names from produce, pomegranate
A little intimidating on the outside, bursting with sweetness on the inside.

puppy names from produce, radicchio
Rolls off the tongue (and sometimes the dog bed).

puppy names from produce, fig
So smooshie and sweet you could just gobble it up.