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The Top Things We Learned About Pet Parenting in 2018

Does your dog have health issues? What they eat matters! Our options can help.
. 2 min read

Woof, what a year! We've had our ups and downs—with and without our pups—and along the way, we've learned a LOT about how to take better care of them. We also figured out wtf it means when they twitch! Keep reading to find out:

What it REALLY means when your dog twitches.  

Just because your pup is a good snuggler doesn't mean he'd be a good therapy dog.

The best pup-friendly beach in every state.

When you should get a second (or third) pup.

Separation anxiety is real—but not hopeless!

How to interpret all seven of your pup's emotions.

Just how lonely your dog is when you leave.

Why your pup needs a massage, too.

How much your pup really remembers.