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Should I Get Another Dog? Take The Quiz To Find Out If You Are Ready!

Should I Get Another Dog? Take The Quiz To Find Out If You Are Ready!

. 1 min read

As a pet parent, it’s only natural to want to do evvvvvverything for your pup. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for sufficient walks and snuggles, and leaving for work is fairly devastating for both of you. You can't help but wonder if your lonely doggo would be happier with a four-legged sibling to play with. But it’s not always so simple. Dogs, like humans, are generally choosy about their squad. Plus, when you’re a pet parent, double the puppy love often means triple the work. We spoke with Kayla Fratt, dog behavior consultant at Canis Major Dog Training, for what you should consider before you bring another pup home. Take our quiz to find out whether you're ready to add a furry sibling to your family:

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