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Fall Quick Picks: What We're Reading Right Now

Fall Quick Picks: What We're Reading Right Now

. 3 min read

Since not everyone is into long reads or has time to curl up with a good book, for our fall reading list, we took to the internet. Here’s what we’re reading this season to keep up with the latest research and find some fun things to do with our pups.

If you’re looking to learn

1. Veterinary Visits: It’s Important to Be There for Your Dog, Whole Dog Journal

While this article doesn’t take into account that some vet offices are still only serving clients curbside, the moral of this story is that you should attempt to stay with your pet whenever possible (and safe).

2. Training as Enrichment: Basic Skills, Fear Free Pets

For those of you who prefer to watch or listen, check out this webinar from Fear Free Pets. Learn how to make training an enriching experience and build up your pet’s confidence.

3. 12 Chinese Dog Breeds That Are Some of the Oldest and Rarest Breeds on Earth, Yahoo!

If you’re looking to learn more about dog breeds, check out this list of 12 old and rare breeds. How many have you heard of? If you like to learn about dog breeds we also suggest checking out some of the breed profiles on our blog!

4. How to Stop Your Dog From Barking at the Doorbell, American Kennel Club

This one might be good prep for the fall holidays, especially Halloween. If you want your pup to stay calm while you answer the doorbell, check out these practical tips from the American Kennel Club!

If you’re looking to be entertained

1. After Seeking Justice for Neglected Dog, Dave Bautista Adopts Rescue Pup and Names Her Penny,

We love a good happy ending! Learn about how Dave Bautista found his sweet puppy and what he did to help her heal.

2. Meet O'Hara the Guide Dog, a Viral TikTok Star and 'the Goodest Girl in STEM', Daily Paws

Learn about O’Hara, a guide dog (and TikTok star), and everyone's favorite Labrador-y retriver. See how she helps her handler, a senior biology student and charms everyone she meets in her specially designed PPE.

3. Pit Bull Owner Uses Humor To Dispel Breed Stigmas, I Heart Dogs

Read the story behind the dynamic duo of Sookie and Ivy. These two pups are famous for wearing crochet hats shaped like food and answering important questions like, “Do meatballs eat meatballs?” (Spoiler alert: they sure do!)

If you’re looking to do something fun with your pup

1. Non-Ugly Walking Shoes For People Who Want To Up Their Step Count*, Huffington Post

While this is really more for you than your pup if you’re looking to get out more consider upgrading your footwear first. Having fun with your dog means staying comfortable (and bonus points for looking stylish while you do it.)

2. Learn about Canine Freestyle, Canine Freestyle Federation

Canine Freestyle DogWork® is a choreographed performance with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team. As the weather gets cooler, this might be a great way for you and your dog to get some exercise and deepen your bond. If not, feel free to film some of your practice sessions and create a fun blooper reel!

3. TikTok's Adorable Dog Painting Challenge Brings Out the True "Paw-casso" in Your Pets, Popsugar

If you’re curious about the adorable trend you saw on TikTok of dogs ‘painting’ learn how to teach your own pup. This Popsugar article will walk you through the process step by step. You and your dog will have a blast creating new art for your home.

We hope our reading list inspires you to learn or try something new. Let us know how it goes and tag us in your pictures or videos on Instagram!

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