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The Office Dogs With the Most Awesome Benefits

The Office Dogs With the Most Awesome Benefits

. 3 min read

Google "benefits of having dogs at the office" and your search will yield all sorts of articles touting why you should bring your pup to work: They can reduce stress, boost creativity, improve work-life balance, even help you get along better with your coworkers. But besides constant belly rubs, what do dogs get out being at the office? We investigated the canine work perks at some of our favorite companies:

Soko Glam

Dog-friendly offices Soko Glam


Soko Glam's office dog, Rambo, gets access to all the best Korean beauty products so you know his fur is always looking fierce.


Dog-friendly offices Glossier


Benefits of working at this "balm dotcom" beauty company include your cool factor going up 900% and getting a lot of Instagram followers.


Dog-friendly offices Casper


The mattress company for the 21st century just launched their super comfy dog bed so yeah, we'd say it'a a good time to be Casper office dog.


Dog-friendly offices Thrillist/JackThreads


Besides the cushy Soho office, office dogs at these men's lifestyle website/e-commerce site get to chew on all the shoes at the warehouse (don't quote us on this.)


Dog-friendly offices Google


It's Google. No need to explain here, let's move on.

Huge Inc.

Dog-friendly offices Huge Inc.


There's a strong chance office pups might end up in a clients' ad campaigns at this interactive digital agency.


Dog-friendly offices Contently


Dogs at this marketing tech startup really consume the content...and they think it's pretty tasty.


Dog-friendly offices Refinery29


Dogs at this site's office get exclusive peeks at the newest fashion trends, and they know how to work the camera.


Dog-friendly offices Etsy


Insider access to all the cool Etsy dog shops (including the one that made these awesome, giant paws) is a major plus.


Dog-friendly offices PureWow


Dogs get priority seating at their desks at this chic women's lifestyle site.


Dog-friendly offices Vensette


Free blowouts for office pups. Just look at that coat....

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