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The 9 Best Human "Dog Voices" Ever Recorded

The 9 Best Human "Dog Voices" Ever Recorded

. 2 min read

Picture it: You’re having a dinner party and it’s time to serve dessert. First, you ask your sister if she wants a cookie…you sound normal. Next, you ask your best friend if she wants one…again, normal. Finally, you walk up to your dog and say, “HI THERE SHMOOPY WOOPY DO YOU WANT A COOOKIEEE? YES YOU DEWWWWWWWW!” It’s your dog voice. All pup lovers have one, but only a few are brave enough to record it. These are some of those few:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a man had a dog voice that was truly a force to be reckoned with.

A video posted by Adam Katz (@adamkatzmusic) on

Remember that dinner party? If your sister didn’t have to do it, and your friend didn’t have to do it, why on earth should your pup have to do the cookie dance?!

We all know that pup parent who may sound sweet, but really they’re just fishing for some validation. Whatever, if the dog digs it, so do we.

A video posted by @almondbutterjellytime_ on

A classic role reversal in which the dog writes cards, and the human speaks in what can only be described as a growl (wait for the “thank you”).

At least now we know where Jason DeRulo and Snoop Dogg got the inspiration for their lyrical masterpiece.

“Mom, stop… Mom, why are you yell… I just can’t look at you when you speak to me like this.”

Well, don’t we all get this excited when a banana’s involved? Think of the potassium!

A video posted by Daurie Basham (@dcbasham) on

Then there are dog voices that can go from cute to cookie monster (or should we say cheese monster) in 10 seconds or less.

A video posted by Candice (@mzcaps) on

Finally, when dog voice just doesn’t feel like it’s enough, take a hint from this guy: Don’t just talk to your dog, impersonate them.

A video posted by Nick Costa (@nickcostaguitar) on

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