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The Most Patriotic July 4th Gear For Every Pup

The Most Patriotic July 4th Gear For Every Pup

. 3 min read

Does your dog's tail wag for the American flag? Of course it does. Get them appropriately dressed for all your Fourth of July celebrations with this red, white & blue gear, perfect for your favorite paw-triotic pups.

Star-Spangled Collar

flag collar
Smathers & Branson

This needlepoint collar is best worn while your pup howls along to the national anthem.

All-American Leash

rope leash

Handmade in the U.S.A., this cotton rope leash displays your patriotic pride on every walk.

Spiffy Stars and Stripes

bow tie

An American flag bow tie collar will have your pup looking like Uncle Sam in no time.

Red, White & Chew

bone toy

While you flip burgers or relax by the pool, your pup can chow down on this patriotic squeaky bone.

Liberty and Full Bellies For All

food bowl

Your pup will be looking forward to eating all kinds of summer treats out of this star-spangled bowl.

Patriotic Pup Vest

life jacket

If your pup's going to be hitting the open water on July 4th, this flag-patterned life vest is the best accessory.

Tug of (Revolutionary) War

rope toy
Pottery Barn

This red, white & blue rope toy adds a nautical twist to your pup's Independence Day play time.

Pup-Friendly Fireworks


We know a lot of pups [can't stand the sound of July 4th fireworks](), so why not stick to this chewable version instead.

Uncle Sam Hat

sam hat

The perfect hat for the pup who wants YOU... to refill the food bowl.

Stars, Stripes & Bones

Baxter Boo

What's more American than a pup wearing a bandana? Get the iconic look with this patriotic print.

The “Pawtriot”

Customized Girl

Get your pup in the Independence Day mood with this "Original Pawtriot" shirt.

Summer Night Snuggles


When the sun goes down but the Fourth of July party goes on, this sweater will keep your pup cozy and on theme.

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