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3 May 2021


Gifts for Every Pup Parent in Your Life

If there’s one thing all dog parents can agree on, it’s that we should be celebrated on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. According to a poll Ollie conducted in 2018, 90% of dog parents think they deserve to celebrate too! Whether you need a gift for your best friend whose pup has over 1 Million […]

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If there’s one thing all dog parents can agree on, it’s that we should be celebrated on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. According to a poll Ollie conducted in 2018, 90% of dog parents think they deserve to celebrate too!

Whether you need a gift for your best friend whose pup has over 1 Million followers on TikTok or your sister who just adopted a pup, we know what they want and we won’t judge if you order some for yourself – just remember to sign your pup’s name on the card. Remember that families come in all shapes and sizes, so these gifts can be relevant to anyone you want to celebrate this mother’s day, even if "mom" doesn’t use that title!


For the dog parent who wants to look good even on walks around the block:

Lucy & Co. Dog Person hat

For the pup parent who takes the early morning pup walk and wants to do so in style (or hide the bed head, whatever, we don’t judge) grab this Dog Person hat. In a stylish shade of ivory, it will make mom easy to identify as the cool dog parent.

Max Bone city carrier bag

For the parent on the go, try this carrier bag. Weighing in at just 3.5 pounds it won’t weigh them down as they totes their pup to brunch or jet setting on a vacation (when it’s safe to travel). The contemporary style and neutral colors will match whatever they’re wearing as well as any leash/collar combo.

Moment fanny sling

For the pup parent with a new pup, or even a new human baby consider the fanny sling. Available in 7 colors it can be worn over the shoulder or at the hips. It is the perfect size to stash a phone, keys, poop bags and most importantly, treats!

Aerie tie dye sweatshirt (for parent and pup)

While we love the message about being real and authentic, we also adore the trendy tye dye print. Parent and pup can match with this set. Purchase the human version for parent and the matching sweatshirt for fur child!


For the dog parent who would move mountains for their pup:

Ruffwear haul bag

For the pup parent who is always hitting the trail with their pup, this haul bag makes it easier to get up and go. Made of a sturdy and waterproof material, this holds everything their pup will need from leashes and dishes to a mat to relax on.

Good Hound Company beanie

To protect thier head on the trail and keep them visible, this brightly colored beanie is just the thing. Made from acrylic instead of wool, you don’t have to worry about allergies or dry cleaning.

Cool Pooch owner & dog water bottle

For the pup parent and their dog who love to work up a sweat, pick up this water bottle they can share. The bottle has two separate water supplies, so no one has to worry about backwash!

Woof Cultr snack leader embroidered sweatshirt

Let’s face it, parent, snack leader – they’re kind of the same thing. Keep your favorite pup parent cozy on those early morning walks or hikes with this cozy, embroidered sweatshirt. Whether the only color they wear is black or they like to mix it up, they’ll be covered as this top is available in four colors and 8 sizes.


For the dog parent who maxes out on minimalism:

Felt+Fat large pet set

This minimalist and modern food and water dish will be pleasing to a picky pup parent’s eye while keeping their pup nourished and hydrated. With a 40 oz capacity it will work for both large and small pups. No matter what colors they like in the house you’ll find the perfect set for any style.

Hawkins storage containers

Whether they needs to hide their chocolate from the kids or some treats for the pup this neutral and stylish set of three storage containers is the perfect gift. Available in ivory, grey or a trendy blush you can pick the set that best fits your favorite pup parent’s style.

Fable Pets crate

For the new pup parent who doesn’t want her home to look like it’s gone to the dogs, try this contemporary crate that doesn’t look like, well, a crate. Available with a white or acrylic door, this crate also comes in two sizes to accommodate many different breeds.


For the dog parent who is keen on routine:

Ollie fresh dog food

For the pup parent who runs their home like clockwork, an Ollie subscription makes a great gift. Now they won’t have to worry about when they needs to go buy dog food or how to ensure her pup is getting the best nutrition. At Ollie we take care of everything. Just tell us about her pet and delicious meals will show up on her doorstep every two weeks.

Bark Box Bright Dental box

For the pup parent who values good oral health, consider this monthly box from Bark Box. With a month’s supply of dental sticks and toothpaste her pup will always have clean teeth and fresh breath. As a bonus, their pup may be able to avoid costly dental cleanings and procedures that need to be done under anesthesia.

Wild One grooming kit subscription

Available in two delicious scents (eucalyptus & peppermint and grapefruit & lemongrass) this set contains a moisturizing shampoo and a pack of wipes. By subscribing and having a kit sent every 4, 6, or 8 weeks you can save 15% and ensure they’ll never run out!


For the dog parent who is a creature of comfort:


These matching sets for moms and pups come in bright colors and fun prints including the signature PB Jars. To make these even more awesome, the sets for the pups come in two fabrics and can double as thundershirts or protection for pups with skin issues. The company even donates jammies to rescue pups in need!

Darren and Philip buddy robes

For the pup parent who has taken hygge to the next level these matching robes are the perfect present. Created by a pup parent for dogs and their parents these matching robes are fluffy and cozy. Order one for parent here and their pup here.

Ouai shampoo (for parent and pup)

Before jumping into those matching robes, a parent and their pup can do matching spa treatments. Ouai shampoo makes products for both of them. If you really want to spoil the dog mom in your life add some of the body scrub and lotion!


For the dog parent who loves to give back:

Fetch Eyewear blue-blockers

If mom loves to give back and has been spending too many hours in front of the laptop, these blue-blockers might be the perfect present. Not only are they pretty, but profits go to animal rescue.

Votch watches

These beautiful watches are made using sustainable and PETA approved, cruelty, free materials. The company also chooses an animal related charity or specific animal to donate a portion of their profits to every quarter. With a Votch watch or accessory the pup parentm in your life can look good and do good at the same time.

No matter how you celebrate the dog mom in your life this Mother’s Day, we hope she knows how much her pup appreciates all the love, attention, and of course food and treats!

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out MyOllie.com.

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