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8 Durable Dog Toys For Under $20

8 Durable Dog Toys For Under $20

. 3 min read

You spend tons of time and money on picking out a "tough" toy for your pup—and within five minutes it's destroyed even though it was supposed to be "long-lasting" and "durable." If you’re tired of spending a fortune on toys that don’t last, look no further. We’ve rounded up the eight most durable chew toys for your pup—and they're all under $20.

Textured Chew Ring


Indestructible Dog

This chicken-flavored toy is truly indestructible. It has multiple textures to really engage your pup. As they gnaw away, it helps clean their teeth and control plaque and tartar build-up.

Dumbbell Toy


Bark Shop

Give your pup the ultimate workout: Chomping on this tough dumbbell toy. Made from 100% natural rubber, it’s super durable and chewable, which means it will hold up no matter how much your pup loves to chew.

Doggie Donut


Dog Tuff

These thick and bouncy rubber rings have two layers: Once your pup destroys the first one, an inner, red safety layer is revealed, indicating that it’s time for a new toy (you can send it back to the manufacturer for a free replacement!).

Double Bone Chew Toy



Made from tough, durable nylon, this bacon-flavored bone will keep your pup busy for hours. Bonus: the toy’s raised bristles help keep your pup’s teeth clean.

Romp n’ Roll Toy



This ball-and-rope-toy combo is made from non-toxic and puncture-resistant material, so it’s ideal for the tough chewer. It’s perfect for a game of tug-of-war between you and your pup.

Water-Proof Dog Bone


West Paw

The hurley dog bone is floatable, durable and comes in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your pup to carry around. Bonus: You can toss it in the dishwasher when it needs a cleaning.

Wild Antlers


Kong Company

This chew toy comes from elks who naturally shed their antlers, so they’re 100% natural and sustainable. Plus, they’re odor-free, mineral-rich and will help clean your pup’s teeth and gums.

Tug Man Rope Toy


Baxter Boo

A rope toy that won't end up in shreds? We found it! This toy is made from super thick and sturdy rope so it's ideal for the pup who loves to tug. And the unique shape will keep your dog entertained for hours.

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