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4 Awesome Ways Companies Are Becoming More Pup-Friendly

4 Awesome Ways Companies Are Becoming More Pup-Friendly

. 2 min read

You probably know about the growing list of employers—from major Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups—that let you bring your pup to work. Heck, earlier this year, even the Department of the Interior got in on the pet-friendly trend with its pilot “Doggy Days" program. But some progressive workplaces are getting ahead of the pack, offering special benefits geared toward current and future pet parents. Check out the perks at some of the pet-friendliest offices around.

“Pawternity” leave

Yep, it’s time off for new dog moms and dads. Whether you have a new puppy or are adopting a senior pup, some companies are recognizing that initial adjustment (and bonding!) period after you bring them home. Recently, Scottish craft beer company BrewDog opened an outpost in Ohio and announced that they’d be giving workers a week of paid leave to help their newly adopted pup get acclimated.

Pet insurance

As part of your benefits package, a number of companies are sweetening the deal by throwing in insurance for your pets, as well. According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management, nine percent of businesses said they provided some form of pet insurance in 2016. At Silicon Valley-based software company AnchorFree, employees get up $50 a month to cover their pet’s premium. Nationwide Pet Insurance has a search tool so you can see if a prospective employer offers the perk.

Time to grieve

Losing your four-legged best friend is devastating, which is why certain companies have made paid bereavement for pets leave part of their official policy. For example, at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, employees can take up to three days off to mourn the loss of their pup. Trupanion, another medical insurance company for dogs, also offers one paid day off after the death of a pet.

Adoption assistance

Rescuing a pup is one of the best things you can do for dogs everywhere—but it isn’t free! To encourage their employees to adopt, companies like marketing agency DigitasLBi and public relations firm Edelman help cover adoption fees—Edelman reimburses workers up to $100, which can help cover a chunk of the cost of bringing a pup home from a shelter.

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