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The Perfect Toy for Every Pup, From Chewers to Snugglers

The Perfect Toy for Every Pup, From Chewers to Snugglers

. 3 min read

So many dog toys, so little time (and only so much money you can spend on ones that get gnawed apart or decapitated in minutes!) We rounded up some of the best toys out there, depending on your pup's size and personality:

For pups that like to play tug of war

This durable, recyclable, and non-toxic rope toy is perfect for heavy chewers.

Jax &

When you run out of energy on the other end of the rope, this tether tug toy can take over.

Tether Tug

Got a professional strength tugger? This BPA-and-phthalate-free toy is stretchy and stronger than rope (plus it floats!)

West Paw

For pups that like to solve a problem

This 'activity board' is designed to keep your curious pup stimulated for longer than two seconds.

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Just fill it with treats and your pup will be occupied for hours--you can even adjust the 'difficulty level.'

Our Pets

A combo platter of tug-o-war and a treat dispenser, your pup will be entertained by this toy for a long time.

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For pups who always need a supportive snuggle

This tie-dyed teddybear is stuffed with calming organic lavender to help your pup get a good night's sleep (or nap.)

Dog & Co.

Nice and fluffy to cuddle with, "Gordon the Giant Sloth" also squeaks to keep your pup company.

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Bark Shop

Designed to provide comfort and help relieve anxiety, the "snuggle puppy" actually simulates the sound of a heartbeat.

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For pups that are teeny tiny

Because every dog needs a non-toxic, non-allergenic way to get their daily dose of caffeine.


Some of the smallest, softest, squeakiest toys we could find for your teeny pup.

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The tiniest version of the ever-popular Kong (that we suggest filling with healthy treats like blueberries.)

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For pups that cannot.stop.chewing.

One of the safest chew toys out there--if your pup can chew to the red layer, it's time to throw it out!

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Give a dog a bone, and he'll chew through it. Give a dog this bone, and he'll chomp on it forever.

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Planet Dog

Not only is it super durable, but this so-called 'jolly egg' is tough for them to sink their teeth into.

Jolly Pets

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