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6 Bag Dispensers That Make Picking Up Poop Look Good

6 Bag Dispensers That Make Picking Up Poop Look Good

. 2 min read

We like to keep it real here, and that means being unafraid to talk about good ol' #2. Because let's be honest, it's something us pet parents deal with every. single. day. Multiple times a day. Since there's no shame in our poop game, we believe you might as well carry around those bags with pride (no shoving them into your pocket!) So we rounded up a few of the best looking dispensers out there:

For the flashiest pup on the block

Pepito and Co Gaga Bolsa Leash Bag

For the pup who prefers smart technology

Loop for Poop

For the pup who likes to keep it rustic

Billy Wolf Poopbag Holder

For the pup who wishes he lived in Williamsburg

Found My Animal Red Buffalo Plaid Multi-Use Pouch

For the pup who likes to announce who he is

Wags and Wiggles Poop Bag Holder Shar Pei

For the pup who has a serious sense of humor

Roboto Poop Bag Holder

For the pup who is a sophisticated city slicker

Max Bone Abigail Sand Poop Bag Holder

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