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The Best Natural "Beauty" Products For Your Pup

The Best Natural "Beauty" Products For Your Pup

. 3 min read

Your pup is likely sleeping in your bed and kissing you on the mouth—so cleanliness is proobbbbbably a top priority. But finding grooming products for dogs without scary-sounding chemicals in them can be tricky. So we rounded up some of our favorite natural shampoos, balms, and other cleaners with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Check out our picks to help your pup look and smell fresh.

Woof Wild Dog Shampoo


A Wild Soap Bar

For pups with sensitive skin, this natural soap is enriched with organic aloe and oat (to help soothe), calcium bentonite clay (for deep cleansing) and essential oils (to repel insects).

Warren London Hydrating Butter


Warren London

If your pup has dry skin or a dry coat, this leave-in moisturizer made with guava and mangosteen is the intense treatment they need. The patented formula releases moisturizing emollients every two hours for a silky smooth coat all day.

Ruff Relief Nose and Paw Balm



Your pup's nose and paws are some of the most sensitive areas on their bodies. Soothe these tender spots the soothing treatment with this USDA organic salve. Packed with extra virgin olive oil, jojoba and coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, it combats irritation in both hot and cold weather.

Natural Breath Freshener and Teeth and Gum Cleaner


Gerrard Larriett

Your pup is adorable. Their bad breath? Not so much. Time to play some offense. With a couple spritzes, this biodegradable, paraben and phosphate-free spray is a super natural way to give your pup minty-fresh breath while fighting plaque and tartar buildup.

Honeydew Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats


Honeydew Products

This refreshing spray works double-time as a tick, flea and insect repellant, as well as an overall odor eliminator (think of it as a natural doggie fragrance). All-natural ingredients like therapeutic-grade lemongrass and citronella make it environmentally-friendly and safe to use every day.

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax



Made from a blend of natural, food-grade waxes, this easy-to-apply formula is a must-have for dogs that need protection from sand, hot pavement, ice, or salt. Rub a little on your pup’s paws before heading outside to help protect their sensitive paws from the elements.

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