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Deck Your Dog in The Most Festive Gear Ever

Deck Your Dog in The Most Festive Gear Ever

. 2 min read

What’s the point of the season if not to dress up your pup in festive gear and take pictures? If you think your doggo should be decked for the rest of December, check out our picks for the best holiday wardrobe upgrades (and yes, Hanukkah canines, we’re looking out for you, too).

For the Pup Who Wishes He Was One of Santa's Helpers


Rubies Santas Little Helper Elf Pet Costume

For the Pup Who Still Believes


Pup Crew Holiday "Believe" Dog & Cat Bandana

For the Pup Who Made Both Lists This Year


The Pleated Petal Christmas Bandana

For the Pup Who’s Just as Excited for Christmas Morning as Everybody Else


The Company Store Flannel Family Pajamas

For the Pup Who Prefers the "Classier" Look


Chilly Dog White and Red Scarf

For the Pup Who Thinks He's One Of Santa's Next Reindeers


Reindeer Pet Costume

For the Pup Who Thinks He's the Star of the Show


Holiday Tails Light-Up Royal Fir Dog Hoodie

For the Pup Who’s All About Those Eight Crazy Nights


Menorah Dog Costume

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