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9 Treat Containers For Every Pup Personality

9 Treat Containers For Every Pup Personality

. 2 min read

The treat jar is already one of your pup’s favorite items in the house (as it should be when the snacks are so delish). So why not pick a container that embodies your dog’s true personality? From the chic city-dweller to the minimalist millennial check out these nine styles fit for every type of pup.

For the pup who wants you to call him by his name.

personalized treat jar

Personalization Mall

For the minimalist pup who loves a pop of color.

minimal treat jar


For the pup with a quirky sense of humor.

quirky treat jar


For the pup who would travel the world with Julia Roberts.

eat play love treats


For the pup who enjoys the finer things in life.

elegant treat jar

Mission Pets

For the pup who always needs some positive reinforcement.

good dog


For the pup waiting for his daily pick-me-up.

puppy uppers


For the style-obsessed pup who lives for fashion week.



For the pup who has his priorities set straight.



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