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The Next Gen of Gadgets to Keep in Touch With Your Pup

The Next Gen of Gadgets to Keep in Touch With Your Pup

. 3 min read

It’s 3pm, do you know what your dog is doing? Wish you could see them and give them a treat? Well it’s 2017, so obviously humans can do it from their phones! We rounded up the best newish gadgets to help you stay connected to your pup when you’re not snuggling on the couch:

For the Anxiety-Prone Pet Parent

PetChatz will ease all your pup worries. Not only does the wall mounted console have a low-light HD camera, full frequency speaker, and motion detector to keep track of your dog's every move via your phone or computer, the device takes it a step further with a sound detector that keeps an ear out for unusual noises then alerts you via email. It also releases soothing scents to help keep an anxious pup calm and streams DOGTV. It even allows your pet to call you through a button they can press with their paw.

For the Pet Parent Who Loves to Train

Pavlov has got nothing on Furbo. The smart camera allows you to ‘toss’ your pup a treat remotely: all you have to do is open the app on your phone, push the treat icon and it makes a clicking sound before tossing into the air (mimicking the training process.) Its smart technology alerts you to barking, so you can calm your riled up dog down virtually. And there’s a light indicator with colors canines can see—yellow and blue—that changes when you open the app to attract your pup’s attention, so they know you're watching them.

For the Pet Parent Whose Pup is an Insta-Star

After all those likes your doggo has developed quite the following. Pawbo allows not only you, but up to eight users to chat with your pet at once through its app. Your pup’s tricks (and naps) can be seen by their extended fam in real time. You can also capture a screen grab from the video taken by the camera and post it straight from your phone. Once they've reach a thousand followers on Instagram, reward them with the built-in treat dispenser that releases a snack with the push of a button from the app.

For the Pet Parent who’s an Interior Design Enthusiast

Sleek and stylish, the PetCube Play even comes in on-trend rose gold. The HD pet camera allows you to see, hear, and communicate with your pup through an app on your phone. If you need to further investigate that guilty look on your pup’s face, the cubed device has 3x zoom capabilities and night vision (for when you’re out late). It also has a pet-safe laser toy that you can activate from your phone so you can play with your dog in real time from wherever you are. Letting them get some much-needed exercise while keeping them out of trouble? Totally worth it.

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