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9 Chic Pup Products To Upgrade Your Home With in 2019

9 Chic Pup Products To Upgrade Your Home With in 2019

. 3 min read

2019 means out with the smelly old pet accessories (we're looking at you, stinky dog bed) and in with the ones that actually bring our décor game up a notch. From designer bowls to fur-repelling throws, here’s what to add to your shopping list this year:

A Farmhouse Chic Dog Bed


The Foggy Dog

Because Buster needs a place to lounge (that’s not on your new sofa), but you promised your interior decorator you’d stay true to those Chip and Joanna Gaines vibes. Fill this ticking stripe cover with one of their inserts stuffed with 100% recycled fiber spun from plastic bottles.

Custom Dog Pillow Covers

West Elm

A digital print of Hamburgler to rest your head on is all the peace of mind you need—and no Hammy, this pillow is not for you!

Dog Bone Toy Basket

Pottery Barn

Let’s face it: there’s nothing chic about leaving Doggo Malfoy’s toys all around the living room. Bonus point if you can train him to collect and drop all his bones in the basket!

Pet-Friendly Yet Stylish Throw

Crate and Barrel

This. Is. Genius. Finally, a comfy throw blanket that you won’t cry over if your pet cuddles up in it. Made of microvelvet, it not only looks deluxe, but it also repels pet hair, dirt and moisture. Plus, if any accidents do happen (we know, we know: Rex is housetrained!), but if they do happen, you can toss it in the wash.

A Room of Your Dog’s Own (aka a Tent)


Who’s to say Lady Do-Ga might not relish some alone time? If your pup likes to decompress in solitary, why not make their respite as stylish as possible? Plus, this one comes with a matching zippered mat and a carry bag.

A Food Bowl Serving ‘Mood’

WARE of the DOG

These handmade ceramic bowls are a welcome departure from that bright plastic eyesore you’re currently feeding Bradley Pooper with. We're partial to the one with an Ollie red interior.

A Mission Aztec Style Gate

Freestanding Dog Gate Mission Aztec

“I love how my doggie gate looks in my house!” said no one ever. But if you upgrade to a stain glass, hardwood designer gate we have a feeling that would change.

A Trendy Crate That Doubles as a Coffee Table

Pretty Kennels

Do you really want to keep breaking down that ugly metal crate whenever you’re not using it? Instead, invest in a crate that is as attractive as it is useful. The transparent design is not only en vogue, but it also gives you a full view of what your pup is up to when she’s chilling inside.

Chic Steps to Your Bed

Bitch New York

Got a small pup who can't jump high enough to get into your bed? Or an older dog with arthritis? These denim striped steps will give them easy access to wherever is hard for them to reach on their own. Plus they unfold into an equally chic bed when you don't want them under your covers.