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Dog Bowls That Will Make Your Dog (and You) Drool

Dog Bowls That Will Make Your Dog (and You) Drool

. 2 min read

Just as our dogs have a prominent place in our lives—sometimes that means sitting on our laps as we write about them, ahem—their bowls have a prominent place in our homes. Hey, if we care so much about the food, we should care about how good it looks when we serve it to our pups, right? Here are eight dishes that will reflect your pup's, er, taste:

A playful retro vibe for dogs who are still puppies at heart.

Dog bowls retro bowl

Fleur Melamine Bowl by Zack & Zoey

Minimalist Zen for the dog who enjoys some "ohm" in his nom-nom.

Dog bowls minimalist bowl

Modern Raised Feeder by Claymark

Medieval chic for dogs named Lannister or Baratheon.

Dog bowls medieval bowl

Austin Strap Collection dining table by Unleashed Life

Sculptured marble for dogs who appreciate fine art and long naps in the sun.

Dog bowls marble bowl

Marble Bowl by Mr. Dog New York

Classic copper for dogs who watch Julia Child re-runs on PBS while you're at work.

Dog bowls copper bowl

Copper Dog Bowl by CuBowl

Mid-century modern for dogs who wear fedoras and always have time for a drink...of water.

Dog bowls modern bowl

Heavy Pet Dish by M3LD

Rustic chalkboard charm for the dog who requires a personalized touch.

Dog bowls chalkboard bowl

Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowl from Waggo

Geometric patterns for the dog who likes to nap on Jonathan Adler pillows.

Dog bowls geometric bowl

Geo Stripes 1 Pet Bowl and Tray from DENY Designs

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