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7 Dog Beds That Will Make You Want to Take a Nap With Your Pup

7 Dog Beds That Will Make You Want to Take a Nap With Your Pup

. 2 min read

Gone are the days of nondescript overstuffed floor pillows. Now there's almost as much variety in dog beds as breeds, with designs to accommodate almost every pup personality (and human aesthetic). A few that made us wish we could curl up in there too:

The cozy swinger

Unique dog beds, cozy hammock

Low-key attitude sold separately.
Bambu Cross Pet Hammock by Pet Lounge Studios

The mid-century modern
Unique dog beds, sleek and modern bed
Perfect for binge-watching Mad Men.
The Joey High Back Bed by Pup+Kit

The whimsical prepster

Unique dog beds, plaid and preppy bed

Some plaid with an open floor plan, no doorbell required.
Stan Yellow by Stay Stay

The convertible minimalist

Unique dog beds, minimalist convertible bed

Crawl inside or on top, depending on the weather (or the thermostat.)
Heads or Tails by Nendo

The bold and the beautiful

Unique dog beds, bold and chic bed

So chic it hurts.
Jonathan Adler Lucite & Brass Dog Bed

The renegade adventurer

unique dog beds, rugged teepee bed

Ready for rugged terrain, like a child's bedroom.
Teepee Dog Bed by Merry Products

The distinguished upcycler

unique dog beds, wine barrel bed

For dreams of lush vineyards with notes of oak.
Wine Barrel Dog House by Dax Stores

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