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The Funniest Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pup

The Funniest Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pup

. 2 min read

It’s a universal truth that there’s absolutely nothing funnier than a dog dressed up for Halloween--that is, unless you've coordinated your costume with theirs. It’s an unbeatable combo of amusement. Need some inspo? Here are nine dog-and-human costumes that are totally genius.

Daenerys and Her Dragon

For all the Game of Thrones fan girls (and pups) out there.

Elvis and Nothing But a Hound Dog

Points if both of you can master the infamous lip curl.

Ariel and Sebastian

Strolling around on those, what's that word again? Paaaaaws.

A Mariachi Band

Extra hilarious for dogs that look uber serious all the time.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

The better to pet you with, my dear.

Bat Dog and Robin

Because, let’s face it: You are your pup's sidekick (not the other way around).

Belle and the Ottoman

This miiiiight just be our favorite—Pekingese are basically walking ottomans.

Wayne and Garth


Every Character from Star Wars

The force is strong with this crew.

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