Customized Gifts for the Pup-Lover on Your List

. 3 min read

If you’re still struggling to find a gift for the pet parents on your list, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a gift for the friend who recently adopted a pup or your niece who’s obsessed with Fluffy, one of the personalized presents on this list is sure to be a hit. (We won’t tell if you decide to snag one for yourself!)

Pup Portrait

Help your pal display her undying devotion to her dog with a custom portrait from Etsy, whether you go with a water color painting or a hand-drawn sketch.

Dog Pillow

Make your pup a permanent fixture on the couch (if they aren't already) with this customized pillow from Helen Penny. Made with super soft velvet, 100% vegan fabric, it's almost as huggable as your actual dog.

Children's Book

The problem with every other children’s book at the library? The protagonist isn’t your dog! "I See Me" lets you customize your own 20-page picture book starring a pup that looks just like yours.

Cookie Cutter

Hmm, if Freddie the Pug were a cookie what kind would he be? Sugar, oatmeal or chocolate chip cookie? Well, now you can finally figure that out when you order a 3D-printed cookie cutter of Freddie’s face.

Tote Bag

Let’s be honest: who couldn’t use another tote bag? Especially when it has your pup's face on it. Maybe your dog could even fit into this one while you’re running an errand.

Vinyl Stickers

Where wouldn’t you want to stick these puppies? We'd put them on everything from our coffee mug to our computer.

Plush Slippers

Because actually cloning your pup costs about $200,000. These slippers from Cuddle Clones might just be your next-best option.

V-Neck Tee

There's no better way to show your undying affection for your pup than to literally wear them on your chest with a shirt from Pop Your Pup.

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