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Best Customized Gifts for the Pup Lover on Your Holiday List

Best Customized Gifts for the Pup Lover on Your Holiday List

. 4 min read

Pet parents are a special breed when it comes to gift giving. If you’re still struggling to find that perfect present for them, we’ve got you covered. Whether they'd love a portrait of their pup or a fleece blanket with their dog's face on it, one of these personalized presents is sure to be a hit.

1. Pup Portrait


Help your pal display her undying devotion to her dog with a custom portrait from Etsy, whether you go with a watercolor painting or a hand-drawn sketch.

2. Dog-Shaped Pillow


Make your pup a permanent fixture on the couch (if they aren't already) with this custom dog-shaped pillow from Life Like Pillows. All you have to do is upload a cropped picture, pick a size, and voilà! Your pillow arrives in the mail, almost as huggable as your actual dog.

3. Children's Book


The problem with every other children’s book at the library? The protagonist isn’t your dog! "I See Me" lets you customize a 20-page picture book starring the leading pup in your life.

4. Plush Slippers


Because actually cloning your pup costs about $200,000. These ultra-soft slippers from Cuddle Clones might just be your next-best option.

5. Tote Bag


Let’s be honest: Who couldn’t use another tote bag? Print Your Pet allows you to customize phone cases, blankets, socks—and yes, even totes—with your favorite furry face on it. Maybe your dog could even fit into this one while you’re running an errand.

6. Pop Art-Style Tee


There's no better way to show your undying affection for your pup than to literally wear them on your chest. Make it happen with an everyday t-shirt from Pop Your Pup.

7. Vinyl Stickers


The real question is, where wouldn’t you want to stick these puppies? We'd put them on everything from our coffee mug to our computer. They make great stocking stuffers, too.

8. Coffee Mug


The only thing more comforting than a hot cup of cocoa in the wintertime: your dog’s face plastered on that very mug. We love these glossy, ceramic coffee mugs by PetCanva, which come in a rainbow of colors to accent your pup’s best features.

9. Holiday Ornament


These handmade felt ornaments from StudioSmiley are personalized with your dog's name and paw print. Perfect for decking out that Christmas tree, but just as sweet hanging from a planter, on a bulletin board, or on a wall hook beside their leash.

10. Socks


If your dog’s gonna chew on all of your socks, you might as well have a pair with their face, right? These custom-made PupSocks are guaranteed to make laundry day a little more fun.

11. Fleece Blanket


Snuggle up on the sofa (while protecting it from dirty paws) with this cozy, plush blanket from PetPrints featuring—you guessed it—your pup’s face. The cherry on top? PetPrints donates 10% of their profits to train homeless dogs to help veterans. So you can feel warm and fuzzy in more ways than one.

12. Jewelry


Make a statement with these adorable handcrafted necklaces, stud earrings, and rings from Etsy shop Caramela Handmade. No time to place an order? The shop stocks some of the most popular dog breeds, including Corgis, French Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers, and more.

13. Cookie Cutters


Who’s to say that cookie cutters have to be so, well, “cookie cutter”? These custom pet cutters from Name That Cookie are designed in the shape of your dog with their name on it. (Warning: using these for homemade dog treats might encourage counter surfing.)

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