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The 8 Best Balls for Every Type of Pup

The 8 Best Balls for Every Type of Pup

. 3 min read

You know who really wants to make 'fetch' happen? Your dog! Whether your pup is completely ball-obsessed or prefers to play an occasional game of catch inside your apartment, we found the best ones out there:

For the pup who has a bad case of halitosis

Planet Dog

Not only is the Tuff Orbee ball extremely durable, it floats and has a minty flavor to it. So every time your pup chews, it freshens their breath.

For the plush-loving pup who sees the world in rainbow colors


Plush toys get a bad rap, but this colorful GoDog Furballz Chew Guard Toy is surprisingly durable and can survive some serious chewing. Plus it has a squeaker (and is hard to lose)!

For the pup who prefers to play indoors


Got a homebody on your hands? This super bouncy Chuckit! ball is ideal for small dogs and puppies and is made of terrycloth, so if you do accidentally misfire you won't break anything.

For the pup who has chewed through every ball you've bought


Monster K9's Indestructible Ball lives up to its name—made from tough, industrial strength natural rubber, it's virtually puncture resistant. Plus it's 100% non-toxic so your pup can chew to his heart's content.

For the Glamazon who always likes to be the center of attention

Kong Company

Kong's Squeezz Crackle ball is made for the pup who wants to sparkle at the park! It makes a unique crackle sound that turns a game of fetch into an instant party.

For the pup who is training to be a ball retriever at the US Open


Hyper Pet's Tennis Ball isn't any regular ol' tennis ball—it's made of grade A rubber that is safe on your pup's teeth and is completely non-toxic. It also floats!

For the pup who dreams of moving to New York City

Bark Shop

This Sight-Sniffing Pack is perfect for the wannabe Manhattanite: It comes with a Lady Liberty ball that's easy to carry around the city streets and the apple squeaks almost as loud as a cab driver's horn.

For the pup who loves a late-night play sesh

Nite Ize

The Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Ball may not look particularly exciting, but it's bounce-activated LED core changes color when it hits the ground at night. It's also water (and drool) proof.

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