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10 Stylish Crates You and Your Pup Will Love

10 Stylish Crates You and Your Pup Will Love

. 2 min read

Your dog’s crate is pretty much his second home (he enjoys a good nap in there and can often be found gnawing a bone). Only problem is, it can be a real eyesore for you. Who wants to stare at a wire-y box all day? Lucky for you, we found 10 crates that are cute to look at and cool enough to show off your pup’s pawesome personality.

For the anxious pup whose New Year’s resolution is to be more zen.

Zen Dog Crate
Zen Dog Crate

For the pup who digs modern art (and is cute enough to put on display!).

Iconic Pet Crate


For the pup who’s a total diva (and is sorry/not sorry).

Pretty KennelsPretty Kennels

For the pup who likes his martini shaken, not stirred.


For the hipster pup who’s cooler than you.



For the pup who wants to be featured in Elle Decor.

Wayfair crate

For the high-maintenance pup who insists everything is prettier in pink.

Crate Appeal

Crate Appeal

For the pup who prefers to chill al fresco.

Iconic Pet Crate

Iconic Pet Crate

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