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7 Snowy Winter Workouts To Do with Your Pup

7 Snowy Winter Workouts To Do with Your Pup

. 1 min read

Who doesn't need a little #fitspo this time of year? Dogs and humans! While trudging through the snow with your pup is a perfectly fine form of exercise for both parties, why not kick it up a notch and have some real fun together while you're working off some of those treat calories. We rounded up a few ways to get both of your heart rates up when it's blizzard-ing.


Or just sliding on your belly through the snow.

Making snow angels

Aka rolling around in the snow on your back.


Fair warning that your pup may trip you.
## Ice skating

Being pulled by your pup on skates also counts.

## Cross country skiing C'mon, how happy does this pup look?!


If all else fails, shoveling is always a good workout.

Snowball fight

A good old-fashioned snow fight also gets the job done.

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