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The Real Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Poop

The Real Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Poop

. 1 min read

Pancho here. The humans at the dog park were talking the other day about a sensitive topic, the fact that some of my four-legged pals occasionally eat brown snacks off the ground. You know, turds. Stool. Nature's Tootsie Roll. Poop.

They were perplexed by this mystery and tossed around some different theories, but I'm here to clear things up. The fact is, there isn't just one reason.

For example, my buddy Romeo has been known to eat a piece of turd because he's got a bad pancreas. That means that he doesn't get the right digestive enzymes. Guess what's full of digestive enzymes? That's right, poop.

Now my cousin Trina is also an occasional poop-eater, but for an entirely different reason. Girl can be a total anxious, stressed out mess. When she's stressed, she poops in the house, but then she feels ashamed of pooping in the house, so she eats the evidence. Sad, right?

On the other hand, my most laid-back comrade Jones eats a "brownie" just about every day, loud and proud about it. He says that's what his dad did and his grandfather too. He's just following their example.

Ginger, my friend in 6E, swears by poopcicles, frozen pieces of turd. She calls them Winter's Delicacy. A steaming hot pile in July she finds disgusting, but the crunch of a frozen January log is one of her favorite things ever. Right up there next to a sunny spot on the carpet.

A buddy of mine has a thing for rabbit droppings, and another swears that deer poop is the fountain of youth. Me, I'll take their word for it. (And I'll stick with Ollie.)

There you have it humans, mystery solved. Now can we play fetch?

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